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Posted on Dec 03, 2013

Benefits of Opening a Retail Franchise

So you’d like to open a retail store, but you’re not quite sure how to go about doing it? Opening a retail franchise location has many benefits over starting a new brand. Here are some of the incentives you might consider when deciding if it’s a good path for you.

Brand Development & Customer Base

The process of developing a competitive brand has gotten more complicated as customer expectations change. Proper branding has become one of the most important aspects of a successful company. Therefore, joining an established brand takes out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to developing corporate identity. In retail, this means that you already know what kind of customer you need to cater to and what kinds of products they want.

The best perk that joining a franchise in retail can offer is that there will already be a number of people who are interested in what you’re selling. Success is often dependent on how many people recognize your brand, so you won’t have to worry about gaining a following overall, just in your location. On the plus side, you should still be able to foster an identity in your local community that branches from the franchise.


Particularly when it comes to avenues of marketing, it can be difficult to establish a presence for a new company. By joining a franchise family, you’re given access to the main company’s strategies like social media marketing and paper marketing tactics. Sometimes you’ll even be able to extend a campaign like guerilla marketing into your area.

For retail, this can be particularly useful as reaching out to customers and bidding them to come to your location can be difficult.

Strong Leadership

One of the benefits of joining a retail franchise is that you have the franchisor to look to for guidance with the brand. The market research and designs that you’ll be touting have all been carefully put together by industry experts, meaning that you can trust that you’re franchise is well-informed.

Especially in retail, where there are so many products to be moved, it can be helpful to have a knowledgeable home base to model off of. Joining a franchise therefore means that there’s limited uncertainty when it comes to campaigns.

Opening a retail franchise can be a life-changing opportunity. Make the most of your efforts in retail by weighing these pros and perusing the retail franchises on this site. If you’re looking for a profitable experience in the retail field, joining a franchise could be right for you.

J. Hartwell is a marketing writer and creative consultant. She enjoys coming up with clever marketing campaigns and seeing them in the wild.

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