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Posted on Jun 13, 2011

Max Muscle VP Discusses why Veterans Make for Successful Franchisees

Max Muscle Franchise Interview - Soldiers Placing Flag - Franchise Help

In 2010, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Franchise was voted the “Best for Vets” franchise by Military Times. The Max Muscle concept of nutritional and physical consulting and the promotion of an overall healthy lifestyle has been central to this franchise's success. This interview with Bill Warner, Max Muscle's Vice President of Franchise Development, explores why veterans are so well positioned for success in franchise opportunities and why many of Max Muscle's most successful franchisees come from our nation's armed forces.

What is the core offering of the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchise concept?

Max Muscle's core offering is its combination of nutritional and exercise consulting support. Rather than focusing on selling its products, Max Muscle earns its customers' loyalty through a consultative approach.

There’s no shortage of competition in fitness franchises. What differentiates Max Muscle from other health & nutrition and retail franchise concepts?

Max Muscle's nutritional and exercise consulting, along with its long-term mentoring program makes this franchise stand out from other health and nutrition concepts.

What is Max Muscle's primary customer demographic? Has that shifted over time in any way?

Max Muscle's primary customer demographic ranges from high school teenagers to the baby boomer generation. This customer demographic has not seemed to shift over time. In addition, Max Muscle franchisees are equally split between men and women.

Max Muscle has been honored as one of the top franchises for military veterans on several occasions. What makes Max Muscle such a veteran-friendly concept?

Max Muscle's business model is very similar to the military's standard operating procedures.  During service, military personnel engage in vigorous training, education, and exercise, all of which can be effectively applied to the Max Muscle model.

What percentage of Max Muscle franchisees are veterans? Has this percentage been growing or shrinking over time?

10% of Max Muscle franchisees are veterans. This percentage has remained approximately constant over time.

Max Muscle provides $10,000 worth of free inventory to military veterans as an incentive to join the franchise system. Practically speaking, what does this incentive mean for the prospects of a veteran who is starting a Max Muscle retail location?

Max Muscle founder Joe Wells offers veterans $10,000 of wholesale towards their opening inventory. This gives veterans a huge financial boost when starting their franchise. Max Muscle is also an active member of the VetFran Program, a franchise opportunities portal designed especially for U.S. veterans.

Max Muscle Franchise Interview - American Flag - Franchise Help

What other features of Max Muscle appeal to veterans?

Max Muscle encourages franchisees to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We are not looking for gym rats but people who understand and want to have a balanced lifestyle.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are a vital part of military life.  How do standard operating procedures factor into Max Muscle new franchisee training program?

Max Muscle’s business model is SOP based.

Applying to Become a Max Muscle Franchisee

How long is the typical application process for those interested in joining the Max Muscle system (from submitting an application to signing the Franchise Agreement)?

The entire Max Muscle franchise application process typically takes from 30 to 60 days.

How long does it typically take from signing the Franchise Agreement to completing store build-out and having the Grand Opening of a Max Muscle store?

The time from Franchise Agreement execution to grand opening of the store is usually 4 to 6 months.

Is there any particular advice you would give to a military veteran who is trying to decide between several similar franchise concepts or business opportunities?

Find a franchise concept that you are passionate about. Max Muscle ensures that employees and franchisees are well educated prior to beginning their franchise. We want employees and franchisees to understand the importance of physical activity and to have a healthy, active lifestyle.

This interview was conducted by contributor Christy Harvey.  Christy earned her B.A. in Political Science from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama, and recently completed her MBA studies.  A world traveler and avid blogger always on the lookout for new experiences, Christy has worked for BET, as a contract federal investigator, as a social media consultant, and as a contributor for, the triond network, and Demand Studios.

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