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Posted on Aug 05, 2011

Franchise Fridays for August 5, 2011: Top Franchise and Small Business News of the Week

Fortifying the Subway... Bread

Subway Franchise - Subway Franchise Fortified Bread - Franchise HelpThe largest restaurant franchise in the world, Subway, is making a healthy change to its menu.  Following in the footsteps of nearly every cereal brand, the Subway franchise will begin fortifying its breads with vitamin D and calcium, of which the majority of Americans are reportedly deficient.  All of the chain's wheat products, sans the flatbread and English Muffins, will be effected.  However, the chain made it clear that the difference will be apparent only in the nutrition facts, not the taste.

According to corporate dietician Lanette Kovachi, Subway has made this decision based on the fact that "a lot of people have trouble getting them in their daily diet.” Even years after the famous "Jared" campaign, Subway remains at the forefront of providing healthy options in the fast-food segment.  There are over 24,000 Subway locations worldwide.

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Wingstop's New "Boss"

Wingstop Franchise - Wingstop New Franchisee Rick Ross - Franchise HelpThe Wingstop Restaurants franchise has added a big name to its roster.  Rick Ross, enormous in both physical stature and celebrity, recently bought a Wingstop franchise opportunity.  The rapper has long been a fan of the restaurant.""After tasting Wingstop's signature lemon-pepper flavored wings in Miami, I knew this was a franchise I wanted to add to my investments," he told James Montgomery of  This is the second notable celebrity to get involved with the franchise -- former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman is and investor and the official Wingstop spokesman.

Including Ross's Wingstop, the chain plans to open 101 new stores over the next several years.  The restaurant has been franchising since 1997 and has over 450 locations throughout the U.S.

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Callin' all Daves!

Famous Dave's Franchise - Famous Dave's Franchise Free Entree for Daves - Franchise HelpIn what has to be one of the more creative yet incredibly simple marketing ideas of recent memory, the Famous Dave's franchise will be giving out free meals to customers that meat a certain special requirement.  The lone feature a customer must possess to obtain a free meal at the restaurant is: He have to be named David!  Davey and, of course, Dave work too.  No word on Davida, or whatever the feminine counterpart to the name is, raising questions about the fairness of this promotion.  However, Joking aside, meals up to $15 for first name Davids and half off meals (up to $7.50 in value) to middle name Davids.

Famous Dave's franchise opportunities have been available since 1998, and there are currently over 175 units all over the United States.  Popular food options at the restaurant include their mac n' cheese and BBQ items.

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Partnership to Fight Disease

Senior Helpers Franchise - Senior Helpers Franchise Nurse & Patient - Franchise HelpWith the number of Alzheimers diagnoses on the rise, the Senior Helpers franchise has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) to battle the disease.  Peter Ross, CEO and co-founder of Senior Helpers, said the the decision was simple and something that would clearly benefit those involved in his business.  He says that he plans to help "[educate] families and their elderly loved ones about the different stages of dementia and how to cope with every aspect of the disease.”  The two entities will co-sponsor educational conferences and webinars related to care issues.  In addition, they plan to collaborate on other projects that promote improved quality of care for the dementia population.

Alzheimers can take a toll not only on those who directly suffer from the disease, but the families of Alzheimers patients as well.

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