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Posted on Mar 04, 2011

Why Flava Flav Should Have Bought a Franchise

Rapper and reality star Flava Flav has started his own restaurant, Flav's Fried Chicken, in Clinton, Iowa. "FFC" is the "beginning of a major franchise," says Flav. This rapper-turned-reality-star-turned-would-be-fried-chicken-entrepreneur believes his new venture and KFC can coexist, and that one day he'll be "as big as the Colonel." Flav also thinks he has the advantage in taste, but he admits the Colonel has the edge over him business-wise. While we wish Flava Flav all the finger-licking luck in the world, we caution him that the fried chicken game is a competitive racket; had he gone with an existing franchise system, his chances of success might be a whole lot greater.

Check out this compilation of Flava Flav quotes from his grand opening and our analysis on his business.

Flav's Proof of Concept: In a recent dinner with a close friend/restaurant owner, Flav explains: "He said (Flav) you know what, we need to put these chicken wings in the restaurant, you know, maybe that'll make the population more bigger you know in the area, so I started selling my chicken wings in his restaurant."

Advantage to buying a franchise: Starting with an established brand like KFC, Bojangles, or Church's means you don't have to risk investing in an unproven product or business model. While buying into a franchise -- or any small business -- can entail a great deal of risk if done without careful research, your probability of success increases greatly when you start with a proven business.

Flav's Marketing Plan: "Take my presence down to the mall, walk around the mall for a while and make it crowded, like crazy, and promote FFC."

Advantage to buying a franchise: While Flav is quite the guerrilla marketer, most franchises give you extensive training on how to market your business and support the brand with promotions and ad campaigns driven by the national advertising budget (into which most franchisees contribute some percentage of revenue). Ever heard of Subway's $5 foot long?

Flav's Due Dilligence: He's not quite sure if he has been to Clinton, Iowa before, but he thinks he has.

Advantage to buying a Franchise: Most franchises offer extensive assistance with new store location and build-out; in fact, many franchisors have an entire in-house real estate team dedicated solely to the task of screening for and selecting the best possible location for your new store, with policies that restrict where you can place your new business based on reams of demographic data and years of real-world experience.

Flav's Competitive Analysis: "You got Church's Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeyes Chicken, Bojangles Chicken, Harold's Chicken, and Mama's Chicken in New York. The secret to these people's chicken is within their breading...while I season my meat first...and my taste blow's up your tastebuds." KFC is next door, but he's not worried because in his years in "institutional cooking" as head cook at Uniondale, a New York High School, he's come up with a pretty good recipe.

Advantage to buying a Franchise: Resources like have extensive franchise databases where you can compare franchise opportunities, get a handle on the competition, and figure out what you're getting yourself into BEFORE you invest.

Flav's Operational Plan: "Because of the pot we used last night the chicken didn't quite fry like we wanted to, kinda like boiled in the grease."

Advantage to buying a Franchise: Quality franchises provide their owners with a comprehensive operation manual that breaks down running the entire business into a series of simple steps. Many of these franchises have refined their business processes through years and years of experience, with feedback from franchisees in the system, and as a result they offer a turn-key model that a new franchisee can rapidly get trained on and execute.

Flav's Public Relations Efforts: "Thank you all for those warm welcome here in Clinton, Iowa, I'm just overwhelmed, over joyed, over delighted, and over grateful."

Advantage to buying a Franchise: While Flav's rantings make for ratings, most franchisors have a professional public relations team that represents the business, guides franchisees on what to say and how to say it, and even uses proper grammar in press releases!

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So, are you on board with Flav's maverick approach, or do you think the rapper could use the guidance and expertise of a franchise system to make his vision of business ownership a reality? Either way, if you feel it's time you had YOUR own shop, explore top BBQ, ribs, and chicken franchise opportunities in's franchise business directory. Boyyyyyyyyeee!

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