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What Makes FranchiseHelp Different?

FranchiseHelp is not a franchise company. We are a technology company. Our goal is to use the web to connect potential entrepreneurs with franchises looking for new owners.

Above and beyond that, we can regale you with how we focus on quality and not quantity, how our matching quiz weeds out uninterested people, and why no lead verification system is better than ours. However, if you’ve been in franchise development for any significant amount of time, you’ll tell us that "You've heard it all before".

We only succeed if you succeed. Our job first and foremost is to make you a happy customer. When you speak with our sales team, tell us what it is that makes your sales process work and we’ll do what we can to play our part. Somewhere along the way, franchises started hating lead generators. We don’t know why that happened, but we’re here to stop it once and for all!

Start Finding Franchisees

Marketing Strategies

Choosing quality over quantity, we target financially qualified and interested candidates from both search engines and social media platforms.


FranchiseHelp was named 2015's #244 fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine.

Franchise Matching

We are not a directory of franchises. Through our quiz flow we gather information on each user to build a complete lead profile and only show them brands that they are interested in and would be a right fit for.

True Verification

We don't just check a database to see if a lead's phone number checks out. We require interactive verification and response from to confirm that they're interested and have the required capital.


FranchiseHelp is the opposite of a black box. We are fully transparent about how we handle leads and will answer any and all questions.

Consulting Leads

Separate from branded leads, we also work with franchise consultants to generate "exclusive" consulting leads.

About Us

In the mid-1990s, while researching a piece on franchising for the Economist Intelligence Unit, FranchiseHelp founder Mary Tomzack was shocked to discover how little unbiased, honest advice existed for consumers looking to buy into a franchise system. Soon thereafter, Mary launched to provide consumers with guidance, research, and documents to help them through their franchise selection process.

In 2010 was acquired by Metric Collective, a technology company based in New York City, and turned into the lead generation site that exists today. In its current iteration FranchiseHelp focuses on being on the cutting edge of internet marketing and software development.

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"FranchiseHelp has turned into a major provider for our clients. With 1 client in particular, we've seen 6 sales in 4 months."

David Gollahon
Franchise In-Sites

"Less than 8 weeks after launch we closed our first deal through FranchiseHelp.”"

Latoya Williams
The @Work Group