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All About People


All About People is a unique staffing and recruiting franchise. Our franchisees, team members and home office staff put people first. When companies work with us they get the wisdom and guidance that can only come from seasoned professionals who are also business owners themselves.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
$204,500 - $228,050


Get to Know the Staffing and Recruiting Business

Ready for the All About People Service Revolution

Traditionally, staffing and recruiting has been a fragmented, high-turnover industry that has lacked world-class service delivery. The same is true of executive search. Like all industries there are a few big players, but with an estimated 17,000 firms it’s easy to see that most of the people who refer to themselves as “recruiters” are individuals who have the desire to be a professional recruiter. They set up shop at their kitchen table, and within a year or two find out just how hard it is to be successful in this business as a lone ranger.

The truth is, it takes more than desire, business experience, a few contacts and an office to win in the staffing and recruiting business. It takes state- of-the art systems, time-tested processes and a team of professionals who can shorten your learning curve.

All About People provides franchisees all of these things and then some. All About People has a very rich history, unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of others and a culture that is second to none in the staffing industry. It is abundantly clear to both career seekers and hiring managers that we are a staffing company that serves others first. We do so with an enormous sense of urgency.

Recruiting and Staffing is Big Business

All About People works in all areas of the industry including contract, contract to hire, temp, temp to hire, and permanent placement. We cover skill sets in the industry’s fastest growing sectors—professional and technical—and so do our franchisees.

The All About People Franchise Opportunity

Serving Others, Transforming an Industry, Creating Success

All About People is just that: All About People. And right at the top of our list are our franchisees. In our franchise staffing and recruiting company franchisee success is our success, so we go out of our way to support the people who serve our career seekers, our client businesses and our communities.

As a franchisee, you will receive training and ongoing support along with the systems you need to develop and grow a staffing and recruiting territory that encompasses approximately 30,000 jobs. You, along with the team you build will source the best talent while you promote and sell your services to companies and their hiring managers. You will serve your client companies by understanding their staffing and hiring needs and making recommendations about market trends around competitive compensation plans, labor pressure, etc. It’s up to you to find the top candidates in terms of qualifications and cultural fit, with the latter being just as, if not more, important than the former.

An established All About People franchisee can make up to $750,000 net, per year.

The work we do is important. People’s lives are at stake. That’s why we know success will depend on your determination and passion for serving others.

Living up to All About People’s standard of excellence is not an easy job. It means long hours—fifty to sixty hours in an average week. More when you are just starting your recruiting and staffing franchise business and when the business is really ramping up. Clients and job seekers depend on us to meet their needs and we will go to the moon to make sure we deliver on our promise. It takes always being prepared to assist and finding a way to overcome every obstacle to get the job done. You have to love putting people first.

On Your Own,But Not Alone

All About People’s home office support team has one primary purpose, and that is to help the franchisees be successful. It’s the success of the franchisees that allows us to impact more people and to truly make a difference in our communities. The processes we have been using since our beginnings in 2002 are groundbreaking and they are revolutionizing the industry. They are unique in the recruiting and staffing industry and proprietary to All About People franchisees. Without a doubt, that’s a competitive advantage.

Franchisees receive one-week, intensive training at the Phoenix, Arizona, home office which includes the following:

  • The opportunity to shadow recruiters and account executives to experience the training in action.
  • Hands-on experience performing the duties of a recruiter and account executive with ongoing feedback so you can build your techniques and your confidence.
  • Two market visits the first year to help you get started building your prospective client list and your roster of all-star career-seekers.
  • Access to, and training on, state-of-the-art, industry-specific software and proprietary management systems.



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