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House of Speed


House of Speed is a sports performance training franchise that provides child and adult athletes with a facility to enhance their athleticism as well as provide an educational and safe place for children to develop character and help prepare them for a life dedicated to athletics. With House of Speed, every child and adult has the opportunity to develop a competitive edge, whether it is through speed enhancement or just professional sports training.

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Franchise fee


House of Speed is a privately owned business that provides diverse training programs, focusing on performance and sport-specific training. By also focusing on customizing each program for each client, House of Speed ensures that every athlete receives the best possible training for a prospective future.

House of Speed Franchise Opportunities - History

Founded in 1998 by retired NFL player Don Beebe, House of speed provides individual training, small group and large group training, team training, camps alongside sport specific training. By 2006 the company was looking for franchise partners and currently has over twenty franchise locations in eleven states. With headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, House of Speed works to customize training, providing every child and adult athlete with training that is designed specifically to help enhance speed, agility, strength, flexibility and energy. Today, the business is looking to spread across the U.S. as well as increase the number of locations found in the Illinois and Virginia regions.

House of Speed Franchise Cost / Initial Investment /House of Speed

Franchise Income

The initial franchise fee to open a House of Speed franchise location is roughly $39,500 and has an initial investment around $79,500 and up. House of Speed also has a royalty fee of 10% (of gross revenues) and a monthly fee of 8% (after the first $1 million dollars in revenue). There is currently no estimated annual revenue for any House of Speed franchise location at this time.

House of Speed Business Opportunities: Other Information

House of Speed has a co-brand agreement with the Under Armour brand (as of 2009) Trained over 40,000 athletes including professionals like Tony Romo and Michael Turner as well as the St.Louis Rams, University of Illinois and a series of others. Also provides a web application for athletes, coaches and parents to provide clear goals, track said goals and produce in-depth progress reports. It even allows athletes to see how they rank in comparison to other athletes nationwide.


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