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Fast casual sales are $23 billion annually

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The fast food industry has annual revenue of $160 billion

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There are 200,000 fast food locations

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Fast Food Franchises Industry Description


Fast food franchises sell every type of cuisine imaginable to customers eager for a quick, delicious and relatively inexpensive meal.

A step above

Fast casual franchises focus on a slightly higher quality product for a bit more money and a little more time. They have grown tremendously as Americans begin to care more about what they eat.

Healthy is happening

Both segments have made a concentrated effort in recent years to offer more healthy products and also fresher products that are locally and sustainably sourced.

Incredible investment

Fast food was hurt during the recession, but less so than other businesses because of its low price point. Fast food’s durability in the marketplace and its continuing to adapt and change to follow the newest trends make it an excellent investment.

Fast and vast

  • The fast food industry has annual revenue of $160 billion.
  • Fast casual sales are $23 billion annually.
  • There are 200,000 fast food locations.

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