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Food Franchises

Best suited for those with previous experience in the food industry, many Food Franchises have high entry costs because of build outs, but provide support in the form of advertising, and established brand, and a tested business model. There are many types of Food Franchises, including:

  • Fast Food Franchises
  • Fast Casual Franchises
  • Ice Cream and Dessert Franchises
  • Vending Machine Franchises
  • Restaurant Franchises
  • Coffee Shop and Cafe Franchises
  • Pizza Franchises
  • Frozen Yogurt Franchises
  • Healthy Food Franchises and many more

Work from Home Franchises

Don’t get sucked in by spamming Multi-level marketing scams and online offers promising you Millions in $$$ for a couple hours a day. Starting a home-based franchise is the best way to legitimately earn a living while working from your home on your hours. Legitimate Home-Based franchises generally provide a real physical value and are best suited for those who enjoy helping others or working with their hands. Best suited for hard working parents, this affordable franchise give parents the flexibility to also spend time with their family while earning income. Some examples of Home-Based Franchises are:

  • Tutoring Franchises
  • Financial Services Franchises
  • Tax Preparation Franchises
  • Business Consulting Franchises
  • And many low cost franchises that don't require a storefront like: waiting, moving, and cleaning franchises

Children’s Franchises

Franchises focused on children offer many first-time business owners an affordable business opportunity by reducing the overhead, staff, and training needed to provide these services. The top businesses in this category are:

  • Child Care Franchises
  • Drawing and Art Franchises
  • Math and Reading Tutoring
  • Learning Franchises

Home Service Franchise

These generally more affordable franchises are available to new owners and even may offer a cheap business that can be run and worked by a single person. While some require training, many just require the right tools and effort. Some of the top franchises in this category are:

  • Cleaning Franchises
  • Handyman Franchises
  • Painting Franchises
  • Bug and Pest Control Franchises
  • Swimming Pool Care Franchises

Popular with Women Franchises include:

While women can be franchisees of any business, two types of businesses that prominently feature women as franchise owners are children's franchises and franchises that target women as customers. Examples of business opportunities dominated by female customers include:

  • Salon Franchises
  • Spa Franchises
  • Clothing Franchises
  • Women’s Fitness Center Franchises

Health and Senior Care Franchises

Senior Care franchises provide in-home services to the elderly in order to improve their quality of life while maintaining their independence. They often double as healthcare franchises for those who need help after surgery or an accident. Many are home-based franchises that don't require a storefront, for example:

  • Senior Care Franchises
  • Hospice Care Franchises
  • Home Care Franchises
  • Nursing Franchises

Fitness and Beauty Franchises

Taking advantage of both America’s increasing health-consciousness and the always-present American obsession with appearance, this industry can be roughly divided into two segments; fitness, which focuses on exercise, health, and weight loss, and beauty, which focuses on appearance. Fitness franchises focus on opening a gym or martial arts studio. Beauty franchises relate more to appearance than health.

  • Fitness Center Franchise
  • Gym Franchise
  • Spa Franchise
  • Tanning Franchise
  • Hair Salon Franchise
  • Weight Loss Franchise
  • Yoga Franchise
  • Pilates Franchise

Business Services Franchises

Business services franchises provide services to other businesses in a whole array of different categories. These franchises differ in the range of services provided and in the types and sizes, from small business to the enterprise. Business services additionally tend to be a cheap franchise to open because most of the low overhead and startup price. Some of the categories included in business services franchises include:

  • Consulting Franchises
  • Tax Franchises
  • Financial Services Franchises
  • Management Training Franchises
  • Insurance Franchises
  • Social Media Franchises
  • Accounting Franchises
  • Staffing Franchises
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