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In-n-Out Burger


Known for its fresh ingredients, secret menu and Animal Style fries, In-N-Out is a California-based fast-food chain specializing in burgers, fries and milkshakes. Founded in 1948, In-N-Out has stuck to its origins of serving the freshest, highest quality foods. In-N-Out is still family owned after decades of successful growth, and restaurants are only located in the American Southwest. A fervent fan base supports this chain that pays its employees more than minimum wage and has been voted one of the top fast food restaurants.

Facts & Figures


Double-Double, 4x4, Neapolitan shake, Protein style—ordering off the “secret menu” at In-N-Out is a fun perk of this classic burger chain. Although the original hamburger and cheeseburger are fantastic, the thrill is being able to customize your order as you like it. The signature colors of red, white and yellow will greet you at every In-N-Out location, along with the crossed palm trees.

The History of In-N-Out

Harry and Esther Snyder opened the premiere In-N-Out in 1948. It was California’s first drive-thru hamburger stand and was barely 10 square feet! Harry also installed a two-way speaker box that revolutionized the drive-thru experience by allowing guests to stay in their cars. Decades of growth in California led to the first In-N-Out opened outside the state in 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In-N-Out now has more than 280 restaurants in California, Utah, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

In-N-Out Business Opportunities

In-N-Out has remained owned by the Snyder family since the beginning, and unfortunately they do not offer franchising opportunities in an effort to keep quality and experience consistent. However, don’t worry if you wanted to open your own burger franchise, because there are plenty of other opportunities for you to get your grill on.

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