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The annual revenue in the staffing industry is $170 billion

Everyone’s on Staff

US staffing companies employ an average 2.8 million contract workers a day

Temporary Workers are the new Permanent

The employment services industry is predicted to be the ninth largest in terms of job creation in the next 10 years

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Staffing Franchises Industry Description

Staffing franchises help provide temporary employees for many types of businesses. Some staffing franchises offer a wide variety of staffing needs, while some specialize, with office workers, health care workers, janitorial workers, or other fields. Staffing franchises have the added unusual benefit of being strong during recessions, because businesses will often hire temporary workers rather than full time employees when business is slow. Just because the economy is recovering though, it doesn’t mean staffing will be falling on hard times; 34 percent of companies say they are planning on using more temporary workers in the next five years.

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