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Beef O'Brady's


At the heart of every Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® franchise is a commitment to the community. Beef’s® is a full service casual restaurant that caters to families and sports fans. A neighborhood gathering spot for friends, family, and teammates to celebrate a win or catch the big game.

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Bloomin Blinds


Bloomin' Blinds is unique to its competition in the fact that we offer blind repair, and sales. The focus on blind repair makes it easier for Bloomin' Blinds to generate new customers, win bids and create repeat appointments. Blind repair is easy to learn, start making a profit today!

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B&G Delivery System


B&G Delivery System Inc. is a delivery service company which has been in operation since 1979 concentrating its operations in most of California as well as the southern Oregon region and Northern Nevada. B&G provides rapid delivery both same day and overnight of diverse items from time sensitive documents and supplies to LTL freight. Transportation systems are customized for greater efficiency and economy. B&G also provides warehousing facilities. The company provides a full spectrum of logistics services and consultation to its clients.

B-Dry System


B-Dry System, a waterproofing and sump pump installer, has been in business since 1958 with no signs of slowing down. More than 200,000 customers around the U.S. have used B-Dry to waterproof their basements, repair wall cracks, reinforce walls or remove broken French drains. B-Dry has been featured on “This Old House,” “Better Homes and Gardens,” and “Builder” magazine. There are now more than 60 authorized B-Dry businesses, and you could be the next.

B2B and Franchise Coaching


The fear of the unknown or confusion about the many options available. The secret, then, is to tap into a source of knowledge that will leads to a point of clarity about what you want your life to look like. Since its inception in 1984, The Entrepreneur's Source has helped thousands of people reach the American Dream of business ownership. In doing so, it is now the world's one stop, one source resource for information and career assistance for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. For over 25 years The Entrepreneur’s Source has provided thousands of people with the answers and the opportunities they needed to improve their lives. Our discovery and education-based method of franchise and business consulting allows our clients to discover opportunities that are ideally suited for what they are seeking for themselves and their families.

BAB Production Store


BD's Mongolian Barbeque


BD's Mongolian Barbeque is the world's number one Create Your Own Stir-Fry restaurant concept where the guests choose their own ingredients from a great variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, salads, sauces and spices. The food is then prepared by master grillers on a 600 degrees 7-foot grill.Since 1992, BD

BGP - A Wedding Publication


Traditional Weddings have been taking place for hundreds of years. Today, lavish wedding celebrations are more popular than ever. Each year in the United States there are 8.4 marriages per 1000 population. That means an area such as Cincinnati, Ohio, market area pop. over 2 million, has over 17,000 marriages each year. With the average engagement lasting 16 months and the average expenditure of $20,000 per wedding, the wedding industry ranks as one of the most prosperous. A business that supports and promotes this entire multi billion dollar industry is certain to generate the profit potential and financial security that you deserve.

BGR The Burger Joint


BGR The Burger Joint is a critically acclaimed restaurant that serves award-winning food. Our diversified, chef driven (without needing a chef) menu appeals to an exceptionally broad demographic. Our proprietary blend of beef is available ONLY to operators of our restaurants.

BIOSWEEP Service Provider


BIOSWEEP® is a local service provider offering innovative odor removal and air & surface decontamination services. All BIOSWEEP® Service Providers are factory-trained professionals who can assess and permanently eradicate any indoor odor within all indoor environments. BIOSWEEP® Service Providers also provide safe, cost-effective decontamination services for a wide range of pathogens including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile - more commonly known as C.diff, and fungi, fine particulate matter such as aerosols, smoke, fumes, dust, ash and pollen, and volatile organic compounds.

BP Connect


BP Connect sets the standard in convenience stores with clean, modern, innovative locations where you’ll find not only a variety of sandwiches, pies, wraps and other sweet and savory delights, but also a host of automotive supplies, and the Wild Bean Café, with great coffee and food. BP Connect is a one-stop clearinghouse of all your needs on the go. The convenience store/café/filling station brand is owned by BP, the multinational British oil and gas corporation. The stores feature a sleek design and are known for having a kiosk with Internet.

BP ampm


A Brand That Stands Apart. Powerful, distinctive branding is the cornerstone of ampm's high visibility in the convenience-store industry. Wherever our stores are located, ampm enjoys broad name recognition as a result of our familiar trademarks and distinctive marketing. Open 24/7, ampm locations combine a large, open convenience store with the Wild Bean Café concept (at select large format stores). Powerful, distinctive branding is the cornerstone of ampm's high visibility in the convenience-store industry. By combining top brands with our own unique, in-demand offerings, ampm franchises will continue to lead in the convenience-store industry.



BRAS (Breast Research Awareness & Support) is a one-of-a-kind business concept designed to provide women with a series of services and products aimed at true breast health and ultimately breast cancer prevention. BRAS provides low-cost, effective and drug-free services, as well as educational assistance in breast health. The main thrust of BRAS is educating women on the benefits of radiation-free, zero-touch digital infrared thermal images that can warn of potential breast health problems up to 10 years before a mammogram. The BRAS approach to breast health allows time to teach prevention techniques, provide safe breast thermography and breast health screenings while selling a variety of innovative natural products for breast health.

Babies 'N' Bells


Babies and Bells offers unique post cards for every special occasion. Every day, people are looking for cards to announce births, invite their friends to baby showers and birthday parties, celebrate the holiday season, and thank each other afterward. Help them find the perfect card today.

Baby Boot Camp


Baby Boot Camp is a fitness franchise geared toward newer mothers. Since it can be hard for moms to find time away from their young kids or even too expensive to hire a babysitter, Baby Boot Camp provides moms with a chance to stay fit and exercise while having their own child(ren) safely by their side in a stroller. For the more strenuous exercise programs, moms must wait about two months after giving birth and have permission from their doctor to start an exercise program. In many cases, pregnant women can also follow a modified class, assuming their physicians also approve of exercise.

Baby Power / Forever Kids


BabyPower/Forever Kids is today's most progressive and developmentally appropriate exercise and musical parent/child play program. BabyPower has operated successfully in Company owned centers throughout the Northeastern US for over 20 years. The program has been designed to build confidence and promote child development, communication and parent/child bonding. The Baby/Power Program is a 10-week, hour long pre-nursery school play program for children and their parents. The Forever Kids Programs at Baby Power were designed to develop the second phase in a child's development. Through arts and crafts, cooking, theme classes, gym play and science experiments, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and self expression are cultivated while using creativity to have fun.

Baby Safe Homes


Baby Safe Homes is a family owned and operated business founded in 1997. We are members of the International Association for Child Safety other Accredited Business Organizations and we are licensed, bonded and insured. We work closely with hospitals, pediatricians and other childcare professionals to exchange ideas and discuss the most recent child safety issues. We ensure the highest level of satisfaction through our quality workmanship, top-rated products and excellent customer service. After nearly a decade of researching products, refining our installation methods, developing a unique marketing program and streamlining the way we offer our babyproofing service, we founded Baby Safe Homes Franchise Corporation. Now we assist and train hard working, entrepreneurial-spirited individuals to build a successful business to further carryout our mission… Baby Safe Homes Franchise Corporation is the leader in providing families with an environment for their babies and toddlers to explore, learn and grow safely.

Bach To Rock


B2R’s unique method is based on the knowledge that students learn best when they join together to play the music they like the most. That’s why we use special arrangements of the music of our time and combine individual lessons with band instruction. Weekly “jam sessions” lead to Battles of the Bands and recording sessions in B2R Studios, our own professional recording facilities. B2R also holds regularly scheduled public concerts that encourage students to become seasoned performers. These creative group activities foster teamwork, build self-esteem and motivate students to perfect their musicianship through independent practice.

Back Yard Burgers


Back Yard Burgers is a publicly owned American fast food chain. Back Yard Burgers differentiates itself from other fast food companies by making their hamburgers with 100% Black Angus Beef. Furthermore, customers can opt for salad, baked potatoes, or chili instead of French fries. If straight up beef burgers are not a customer’s favorite, they can always try the turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches, or garden burgers as an alternative. Diners can then finish off their meal with a tasty dessert – either a milkshake or root beer float, or even a fresh-baked cobbler featuring a berry of their choice.

Background Screeners of America


Background Screeners of America conducts background checks for businesses and organizations. Millions of checks are run each year. Benefits include low costs, simple operations and compelling marketing campaigns.

Bad Ass Coffee Co.


The Bad Ass Coffee Company serves American-grown, gourmet, whole bean Kona, and Hawaiian coffee. Their Signature Blend marries 10% Hawaiian coffee and coffees from around the world to offer their customers many different flavor profiles. Both their brand and their product are strong sellers with a growing and expanding base of repeat core customers. Bad Ass Coffee Co. provides its franchisees with training for running their own franchise while also offering support in setting up the outlet and training the employees and staff.

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii


Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii serves American-grown, gourmet, whole bean kona, and Hawaiian coffee. The signature blend marries 10% Hawaiian coffee with coffees from around the world. Named after the historical tradition of transporting coffee on the back of donkeys, Bad Ass has built a strong base of followers. The franchise is particularly known for the creative interior design of many of its stores, which often employ unique decor to reflect the varied geographical and environmental features of a given store's particular location.

BadBob's BBQ & Grill


Badbob’s BBQ & Grill is a meat-oriented restaurant with a hometown atmosphere. Unlike other grill restaurants, Badbob’s BBQ & Grill doesn’t just throw meat on a grill and hope it comes out well. Instead, Badbob’s has grilling down to a science, knowing precisely how long and how hot to cook each kind and cut of meat. Badbob’s BBQ & Grill is an establishment that caters to meat and potato lovers. The chain serves the best in ribs, barbecue, chicken, and even bologna, plus classic sides like corn on the cob, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, barbecue salad, and French fries.

Badcock Home Furnishing


Badcock Home Furnishing established in 1904 in Mulberry, Florida developed a new store concept that includes a product line of more than 4,000 items. A majority of stores are individually owned through the company's dealership business model. This model offers the benefits of business ownership with quicker start-up than in a traditional franchise system because the Corporation consigns all of its merchandise to the dealers and does not require a franchise fee.

Badger Daylight

Badger Daylighting is the biggest excavation provider in all of North America. Badger Daylighting’s primary service is the use of its signature Badger Hydrovac excavator. This device successfully and safely digs holes in otherwise challenging areas. Rather than utilizing a backhoe like most excavation efforts, the Badger Hydrovac uses an advanced process that takes pressurized water and vacuum suction to get the job done. Most typically, Badger Daylighting assists contractors in the industrial, petroleum, engineering, construction, utility, and transportation industries. In addition to the usual excavation, Badger Daylighting also provides potholing, slot trenching, poles and piling holes, trench shoring, debris removal and cleanup, and maintenance and installation service pits.

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