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K-9 Resorts


K9 resorts is a dog kennel that prides itself on giving dogs the best possible stay, going as far as having group dog sessions via doggy daycare, cage-free rooms and even 9'x9' doggie boarding rooms, perfect for families with multiple dogs.

K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash


The K9000 is a self-serve dogwash that accepts either cash or credit cards. Your customers can easily wash their dog in a few minutes for only $10. The dog wash system pays for itself after one year.



KaBloom Florist & Flower Business Franchise is the nation's fastest growing floral retailer. KaBloom is a full-service florist and its locations are easily accessible, state-of-the-art with large walk-in coolers open to the public, providing consumers the European "wow effect" that did not exist in the U.S. before KaBloom. Deliveries from around the world are delivered via FedEx two to seven days faster and fresher than for florists who buy from wholesalers locally, providing longer shelf-life in the stores and longer counter life in customers' homes and workplaces. KaBloom has been referred to in the Press as "the Starbucks of flowers."

Kaeser & Blair


We sell through Authorized Dealers, logoed promotion goods like ball caps, mugs, pens, apparel, tote bags, watches, business accessories and more. Kaeser & Blair is the original business opportunity in the promotional advertising (advertising specialty) industry. We have the industries largest network of Authorized Dealers. We have more experience establishing independent owners in their own promotional advertising business than any other company.

Kaiten Sushi


Kaiten Sushi is a Japanese sushi restaurant chain with a Japanese model that sets the pace for efficiency: menu items are placed on a conveyor belt that continuously rotates around the sushi bar, allowing customers to simply reach up and take off the plated items for dining. Kaiten Sushi, in fact, translates to ‘Conveyor Belt’ Sushi in English. The brand has exploded in Japan and internationally. In addition to sushi, Kaiten Sushi also offers selections of drinks, fruit dishes, desserts and soups on the conveyor belt, and beer and special items can be ordered.

Kampgrounds of America / KOA


Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is a franchise chain of nearly 470 campgrounds throughout North America based in Billings, Montana, USA. Dave Drum started Kampgrounds of America in 1961. He and other Billings, Montana, businessmen set up camping facilities off highways 87 and 212 in 1962, when the World's Fair in Seattle was attracting tourists along those routes. KOA campgrounds offer hot showers, clean restrooms, laundry facilities, convenience stores, swimming pools and playgrounds. Eight of every 10 KOA campgrounds is within 100 miles of a metropolitan area, and some offer economical lodging for tourist destinations.

Kangaroo Bob's


Kangaroo Bob's, which is at the forefront of child development, has created a fun environment to teach teamwork to children through parties and play. Kangaroo Bob's patent pending teamwork curriculum creates an extraordinary party and play experience for children and their families, which correlates into an incredible business opportunity for franchise candidates that are as passionate about running their business as they are about developing young minds.

Kar Kosmetics LLC


Kar Kosmetics LLC - - a Delaware-based business has been painting pinstripes on cars, trucks, vans and SUV's a Delaware-based business has been painting pinstripes on cars. The Kar Kosmetics system streamlines the pinstriping application to a science that practically anyone can learn – with no artistic ability or automotive experience necessary.

Karaoke Entertainment & DJ Services® specializes in providing karaoke to restaurants, clubs, corporate & social events. Karaoke lets everyone participate and sing along with the words. Karaoke is very popular with people of all ages and that\'s why it\'s a $10 billion a year business! Karaoke Entertainment & DJ Services® is the most highly respected and first karaoke franchise company in the United States. The nation's first Karaoke Franchise provider, Karaoke Entertainment & DJ Services® was founded in 1991 and started franchising in 2006. With over 15 years of experience in the Karaoke & DJ field we have the knowledge to teach, train, and offer ongoing support for a successful and profitable business.

Kart Trax Formula Racing


Kart Trax Formula Racing's Myrtle Beach locations is the only indoor electric go-kart racing facility in the state. This means that unlike your average go-kart track, Kart Trax Formula Racing is clean, fume-free, and relatively quiet. Kart Trax Formula Racing offers adult racing, childrens racing, lazer tag, batting cages, and dozens of other amusements.

Kato's Grille & BBQ


Katos Grille and Bbq is an upscale restaurant franchise focused on providing Japanese style grilled entrees as well as providing unique barbeque sauces to customers and traditional Japanese food fare, such as sushi and tempura.

Kazoo & Company Toys


Kazoo & Company Toys is a full-service toy store and business based in Denver, Colorado, providing one of the largest selections of 60,000 different toys! in the nation of quality toys, games, puzzles and creative activities for kids and kids-at-heart. Kazoo & Company has become the largest retailer of educational, nonviolent toys in the world. The company prides itself not only on its vast selection of toys and playthings for kids aged baby to teen, but also on its success in offering parents, grandparents and teachers a fun shopping experience.

KCS Applications


KCS Applications Inc. was started in 1992 and specializes in acrylic asphalt sealing. Based in Hastings, New York, it began franchising two years later. The equipment selected and used by KCS Applications Inc. is noted for its quality and for fast, efficient application of Acrylic Asphalt Sealant. KCS Applications system is designed for ease of use by a single person. KCS Applications offers a turnkey franchise that is easy to start with minimal start-up capital. The franchise is designed as a small, home based, highly competitive, seasonal business based on honesty, integrity, and value added service with premium products.

KEBA Spitfire Grill


The kebap, a Turkish cousin to the Greek gyro, is actually named donor (turning) kebap (roasted). Keba’s traditional kebap sandwich is made with a European-style bread (round bread, toasted on the outside and moist and flaky on the inside), exclusively baked for Keba with a secret recipe. The bread is filled with your choice of meat (chicken, beef or pork) that is marinated and grilled on a vertical spit giving our patrons a sensory centric experience. In addition to these marinated meat options, Keba also offers a selection of tuna, falafel or feta to serve in its place. The sandwich is topped off with lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and one of Keba’s nine (9) signature sauces. KEBA can also build your KEBA as a wrap, salad or K-Bowl (A KEBA sandwich without the bread). To round out the Keba experience, KEBA offers authentic Belgian fries and refreshing gelato. KEBA’s fries are accompanied by your choice of one of the nine (9) dipping sauces. They are cut daily, precooked and then flash fried when the customer orders them. All sandwiches and fries are made to order and offer a healthy quick service alternative. KEBA founder, Achim Reus, was born in Germany, where the kebap is the number one selling sandwich with annual sales exceeding $3 billion. KEBA’s goal is to turn it into America's favorite sandwich one KEBA at a time. KEBA Spitfire Grill…We carve, you crave!

Keep Flippin Gymnastics


Keep Flippin's gymnastics facility is truly unique. Our one of a kind program is performance based, rather than being competition-based. We embrace our mission to teach gymnastics and give our gymnasts the full range of the gymnastic experience. Our program teaches all aspects of gymnastics and apparatus. We embrace our gymnasts at any age or skill level and will teach them everything they wish to learn. We have used our many years of gymnastics and business experience to develop this model. As part of our family, you get the full support and services of the Keep Flippin team – a group that is committed to providing you with hands-on training, consulting, equipment and the resources you will need for your own Keep Flippin gym.

KEI Window Cleaning


At KEI Window Cleaning they can accommodate any of their client's window cleaning needs. If they own a business and would like a regular honest punctual professional window cleaning service they can contact KEI Window Cleaning for that purpose, they also offer very low reasonable prices. If clients would like their windows cleaned at their residence the company can also do that. They are fully insured and licensed and service all kinds of clients and any window cleaning needs.

Keller Williams Realty


Keller Williams may not be the largest residential real estate franchise in the US, but its agent-friendly business concept made its mark on the industry. Each Keller Williams franchise is agent-owned and operated, commissions are split at least 70/30, and the company rewards agents through profit sharing. Its Keller Williams University also offers online learning resources to keep agents ahead of the curve. Keller Williams has about 80,000 agents working from about 650 locations in the US (13 of those locations are in Canada). The company was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams. (Keller remains chairman.) It began franchising in 1991 and opened its first Canadian office in 1998.

Kelly's Cajun Grill


Kelly's Cajun Grill is Home of the World Famous bourbon chicken. Kelly's Cajun Grill serves up delicious, authentic style Cajun food in mall food courts around the country. They are the fastest growing quick service restaurant Cajun chain in the industry and they consistently rank in the top three with the opening of their first store. Despite the many requests to sell franchises, the company waited four years and 60 restaurants to prove the concept. The company has now grown to 125 restaurants nationally and internationally. Their franchisees include HMS Host, formerly known as Host Marriott Food Services, Aramark, and Food Brand.

Kendrick Gourmet Food and Gifts


Kendrick Gourmet Food and Gifts provides specialty food such as candied pecans, gift baskets, and other gourmet food items. Dating back to 1969, we are a brand that has become synonymous with great taste. For generations and generations individuals who have wanted to be their own boss and make an honest living for themselves and their families have sought to purchase franchises. The reality of franchising is often very different from the perception with typical franchises being a long term commitment; putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into buildings, equipment, inventory and other capital investments hoping to succeed after years of operating.

Kennedy's All-American Barber Club is a Franchise Concept for discerning gentlemen who are looking for an experience that is the polar opposite of the everyday haircut from the "big chains." Like most gentlemen, the owners felt out of place at the salons frequented by their wives and the local strip-mall walk-in "chop shops," so they decided to create a place where they would enjoy getting the grooming services they needed. While most haircutteries cater to women and children, Kennedy's All-American Barber Club caters to discerning gentlemen looking for a fine grooming experience with the old-world charm of the father's barbershop. Offering the finest in haircuts for men, the lost art of straight-razor shaves, and a modern selection of grooming products, Kennedy's All-American Barber Club is sure to be male customers favorite sanctuary to relax and enjoy.

Kennelwood Pet Resorts


Kennelwood Pet Resorts provide pets a safe and healthy vacation, but with lots of fun and attention, too. Kennelwood Pet Resorts are full-service facilities offering a wide variety of services, including all-suite pet accommodations, award-winning grooming, personalized play time, Doggie DayCamp, and professional training. All Kennelwood Pet Resorts offer pets and their pet parents a variety of destination choices and accommodations for cats and dogs, all under 24-hour supervision and constant monitoring of safety and cleanliness.

Kensington Nanny & Home Services


Kensington Nanny & Home Services is the leader in professional childcare staffing solutions for homes, hotels and resorts. We are currently seeking professionals who are looking for a proven, home-based business concept in a high-growth industry.

KEO Asian Cuisine


KEO features fresh, made to order cuisine from: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Offered in a full service environment, with reasonable prices and extensive wine and specialty cocktail selections. KEO offers something for everyone, from the casual diner or business meeting to those celebrating a special occasion. From the clean modern design to the complimentary bowls of edemame upon being seated. KEO is anything but average.

Kettleman's Bagel


At Kettleman's, bagels are made by bakers who knead the dough, cut it with a knife, roll it out by hand, boil it honey water to seal in the moisture, and bake them in a wood burning oven. Just the traditional and original attention to detail which one expects when they go to an old-fashioned bagel shop. The customers' "no-wall" experience means not only they get to watch the entire show, but also that they get to inspect their standards of production and hygiene. They have nothing to hide and the customers love it.

Key Credit Training LLC


Since 1986, Key Credit Corp. has been a successful Commercial Lease/Finance Broker. We continue to teach our simple formula for success to entrepreneurs who want to own their own company with unlimited earning potential by providing commercial financing. Our unique training system will teach you what you need to know to be your own boss. Our detailed step-by-step plan of proven techniques and on-going support will enable you to succeed and realistically earn a SIX-FIGURE INCOME.

Key West Inns, Inc.


Key West Inns, Inc. is a hotel franchising company that borrows the looks and feel of South Florida in architectural style and appearance. All hotels feature the amenities' that corporate travelers need while offering a relaxing atmosphere that will please families and senior travelers.

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken


Crispy, tasty fried chicken is what KFC is all about, but the world’s largest quick-service chicken restaurant brand has become about more than just chicken over time. Founded as Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC is known for its staple menu items of fried chicken pieces in a variety of styles. But the menu has expanded to include wraps, salads, and sandwiches. And as always, the delectable side dishes like mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw and corn go perfectly with a KFC bucket of chicken. In its many restaurants outside the United States, KFC also offers beef and pork products such as hamburgers, kebabs, poutine, ribs and others.

ki'netik FITNESS


Becoming a ki'netikFITNESS studio owner. Starting your own business can be pretty stressful, but statistics show that franchises fair far better than start-ups. The reason for that is the franchise is a proven model. In a franchise the inevitable mistakes that start-ups experience have already been made, and have been corrected and eliminated. Additionally, you have support for the unique hurdles you will encounter at your location. Furthermore, the company is continually refining the process to make it run even more smoothly and ensure that the concept is up to date within the fitness industry. As the saying goes, with franchising, "You're in business for yourself, not by yourself."

Kickin' Flips


For the past ten years, Kickin’ Flips has been bringing innovative fitness programs such as Kickin’ Karate, Funtastic Fitness, Tiny Tumbling, Jumpin Gymnastics, and Summer Fun Field Days into existing schools, sending in trained, enthusiastic instructors who bring a complete fitness program for children. Kickin’ Flips is a home based, service oriented franchise opportunity with high return potential. FranConsultant is a full-service franchise sales and development company, a unique organization that breaks the mold from the traditional Franchise Development and Franchise Consulting organizations with their multi-faceted service approach.

Kid to Kid


From its proprietary software to its branding and support, the Kid to Kid franchise model provides tools to succeed even in a tough economy. Owning a Kid to Kid not only gives you the opportunity to secure your financial future, it allows you to contribute to your community by helping families save more and waste less.

  • Kid to Kid provides a mall-like shopping experience selling used childrens products to families on a budget
  • Kid to Kid brand gives more to customers with store programs and social media
  • Kid to Kid provides franchisees with unlimited access to its business consultants

Kid's Community College®s


KID'S COMMUNITY COLLEGE® Franchises is the new standard in accredited, high-quality, early childhood educational systems. Globally, colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning exist to meet the need for higher learning - yet few institutions exist to provide a true, consistent premier learning and developmental environment for young children - until now! Our campuses are designed as the genesis of life-long learning for children ages 4 weeks to 5th grade. Our 1st Degree Learning System™ incorporates the Multiple Intelligence Principles of Howard Gardner with a differentiated, individual, developmentally appropriate and thematic instructional approach. Concurrently, we promote a spirit of family, community, cooperation and inter-dependence in which every child's contribution is recognized, valued, and rewarded.



KID-FIT is a licensed curriculum that teaches children ages 2-5 the basics of healthy lifestyle habits. Through an age appropriate physical fitness class, KID-FIT teaches sports skills, gymnastics, dance, rhythm, and creative movement while enhancing muscular strength, endurance, heart health and flexibility. Children use fun equipment like scarves, bean bags, hoops and balls while learning about different parts of their bodies. At the end of one year, children will have learned a clear set of goals for each body system. Plus, why it's important to exercise daily and eat healthy. More importantly, KID-FIT kids associate exercise with fun - an exciting first step in helping children enjoy long and healthy lives while decreasing their risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.



Kidokinetics is an all around sports fitness program for children of various ages. Participants develop coordination, self-confidence and a lifelong love of physical fitness. Kidokinetics differs from other programs by being structured to promote a fun and non-competitive atmosphere. The coaches must keep the focus on fun, encouraging active involvement from each child. Classes are offered at pre-schools, parks and community centers. They are currently serving 82 locations.

Kidproof USA


Kidproof North America's largest and fastest growing safety education franchisor, is now available in the USA! Kidproof has earned the trust of parents, children, educators, health professionals, law enforcement and other child-centric organizations by providing timely, useful, and exclusive child safety education directly to communities. Kidproof's innovative, educational, and fun courses teach kids how to recognize warning signs and how to look for tiny clues that something bad might happen. Established in 2000 Kidproof has rapidly grown to become the largest business of its kind in the industry.

Kids 'N' Clay


Kids 'N' Clay is a children's ceramics franchise with widespread locations in the United States. Kids 'N' Clay Pottery Studio enables children to paint their own pottery and offers after-school and weekend programs in which 3-18 year-olds can mold their own pottery.



KIDS FIRST® Franchise Company is part of KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools which owns and operates 8 (soon to be 9) schools in Maryland. Our corporate and franchise swim schools are built by KIDS FIRST® Construction Company. The total capital investment includes the cost to build the school by KIDS FIRST® Construction Company. The advantage to franchising is that, with the right opportunity, it provides you with a series of benefits that it might take years to develop on your own – if you develop them at all. The KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools opportunity gives you the ready-made framework within which to build a successful business. As a KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools franchisee you will enjoy job security as your own boss, working with a business model that has a proven success formula. The KIDS FIRST® Swim Schools opportunity provides you with ownership of a unique business with limited competition – a business that won't go out of vogue and that does well in any economy.

Kids Kars


Kids Kars are for kids aged 3-9. They drive a miniature car just like a real one only simpler and safer to drive. The cars are gas powered with remote control and can go no more than four mph. They can be set up on grass, concrete or asphalt at a carnival, party, fair, fundraiser, shopping mall, sports field, birthday party, swap meet or any special event. There are also permanent fixed sites for the operation. The franchiser brings it all experienced operators to help, brightly colored cars, inflatable safety barrier to enclose the driving area, and an independent power supply. It can be set up in less than an hour. Instant fun! And an unforgettable time for all because its so unique.

Kids Party Planet

When Kids Party Planet™ was started in 2004, no one knew it would become the thriving birthday party franchise that it is today. Kids Party Planet has benefited from a growing industry and a superb business concept. As a result, the company has grown into America's premier children's party hall. We have a continuing growth plan to expand across the United States! Owning and operating a KIDS FIRST® Swim School will change your life in several very unique ways. Whether your dreams are to simply own and operate your own successful single location business or to build a multi-location organization (that can make your wildest dreams come true…….ours did), we can show you how!

Kids R Kids


Kids ‘R’ Kids provides unique early care and education for thousands of children internationally, from infants to toddlers and school-age, through pre-school, before- and after-school programs, summer camps, holiday programming and special programs. The exclusive Kids ‘R’ Kids curriculum sets the company’s schools apart from the typical child care and day care centers. Kids ‘R’ Kids believes that happy, loved and connected children are destined for success in every fact of their lives. When it comes to teaching, Kids ‘R’ Kids understands the importance of involving families with the developmental milestones and accomplishments of their children. Kids ‘R’ Kids ensures each child receives the individual attention he or she deserves.



KidsPark are hourly childcare centers which are for preschool and school age children. They are a unique childcare solution that offers a safe and fun play space that is available without reservations so children can drop in days, evenings and weekends whenever parents need childcare. Their play space offers many entertaining and learning activities through a mix of teacher-organized and child-initiated activities in both group and individual settings. Kids choose. Play components are selected to promote cooperation, socialization, listening skills and motor development. Each month there are featured activities that include cooking, arts and crafts, sensory exploration or hands-on science.



Kidstage provides kids through 12th-grade students with the opportunity to have their lives enriched through the performing arts, according to the company. The Kidstage after-school drama program includes acting classes, theater activities, and performance opportunities. Kids are taught skills such as concentration, teamwork, improvisation, movement, and voice. The program is held at various locations, including schools, day care centers, and park facilities. This is a home-based franchise opportunity. Franchisees are trained to be a Kidstage instructor and production director. They?re given instruction, curriculum, and production materials as well as guidance on hiring/managing staff, securing advertising, and navigating though accounting procedures.

Kids’ Nite Out Across America


The Kids’ Nite Out Across America® program was founded in Colorado in 1991 to provide a program for children that is supervised by screened and trained adults and has a positive impact on communities. We provide parents with a safe, supervised environment where their children ages 7 to 14 can be active, have fun, make friends, and win prizes! We offer a wide variety of activity choices. There are always plenty of options available so kids are sure to find something that will appeal to them.



Kidville operates large, upscale facilities, catering to young children and their families. In addition to offering a wide range of developmental classes for newborns through six year olds, including Little Maestros, Run Wiggle Paint & Giggle, My Big Messy Art Class, Big Muscles for Little Babies, Kidville Gymnasts, Kidville Sports and Kidville University (Kidville's Pre-School Alternative Program), Kidville also features an indoor playground, a retail boutique, and birthday parties for children up to age nine. Silver Membership is free with enrollment in any Kidville class, while upgrades to Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels are also available.

Kidz On The Go


Kidz On The Go was established in response to the growing popularity in indoor fun & fitness soft-play centers for children. Kidz On The Go perceived the need for these soft-play centers to be mobile and easily transportable to camps, day care centers, pre-schools and other special event locations. Kidz On The Go offers a custom designed mobile soft-play unit spanning a 30-feet-by-8-feet area. Children love this large scale environment in which they can truly enjoy fitness in an interactive, fun, safe and entertaining way. Their goal is to teach children how to make fitness fun!



KidzArt/Art Innovator is offering entrepreneurs a Learn and Earn franchise opportunity. Entrepreneurs can purchase a $9,990 KidzArt/Art Innovator franchise for $5,000.* Unparalleled franchisee satisfaction, the opportunity to work from anywhere, and full training provided. No art, teaching or business experience needed. Full training provided. This opportunity can't be passed up!



At Kidzone, boys and girls, from ages one to ten, play on indoor playgrounds with colorful toys and party props. Party hostesses have fun with the kids, while the parents relax. Pizza, cake, and popcorn are provided by the center. In addition to having fun, Kidzone's hallmark is a safe, secure, and spotlessly clean environment. Parents are delighted to host their child's private, "personalized," birthday party at Kidzone, because only their guests use the facility. Everyone can have fun and leave when they're ready, without worrying about clean up afterwards. They and their adult guests can just sit back and enjoy watching the kids play "dress up," jump into the ball pit, chase bubbles from the bubble machine, make their own party favors at craft tables, play computer games, stuff their own teddy bears, or paint plaster objects.

Kilohana Grill


Kilohana Grill specializes in "onolicious" Hawaiian style plate lunches that are made fresh to order and served all day--just like back home in the Islands. Come check out their favorite local dishes like BBQ Chicken, BBQ Beef, Loco Moco and Saimin. They also have some great daily specials like Spicy Korean Chicken Wings (Monday), Pork Adobo (Tuesday), Kalua Pork w/ Cabbage (Wednesday) and Hawaiian Style Chili (Thursday). They also offer traditional luau food too on Fridays and Saturdays.

Kilwin's Chocolates and Ice Cream


Kilwin's Chocolates and Ice Cream was established more than 60 years ago, the company is dedicated to offering the best confectionery and ice cream that customers will ever enjoy. Kilwin's shoppes offer handmade chocolates, hand paddled fudge, our original recipe ice cream, waffle cones, caramel apples, caramel corn and brittles and much, much more! Kilwin's shoppes offer customers an impressive selection of fine confections and ice cream, all in an enjoyable, service-oriented atmosphere.



Kinderdance is the original Developmental Dance, Motor Skills, Gymnastics, Music and Fitness Program, blended with academics, specifically designed for boys and girls ages 2 to 12. When founder Carol Kay Harsell's dance studio tripled in size in a matter of months, she wondered why her preschool dance program enrollment wasn't growing as well. After discussing the matter with CFO Bernard Friedman, Harsell realized the problem was that many young children were in child-care centers and preschools. When Friedman suggested they take their program to where the children were, the concept for Kinderdance International was born.

Kitchen Solvers


The Kitchen Solvers franchise is a full service kitchen and bath remodeling company. Kitchen Solvers prides itself on providing franchise owners critical support in all areas of operation, as well as a choice of franchise plans, tailored to the franchisee’s unique skills and objectives. Kitchen Solvers is a low investment, home based business, in a market which has grown by 10 percent this year.

Kitchen Tune-Up


Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in home remodeling, offering wood reconditioning "Tune-Ups", cabinet refacing and redooring, custom cabinetry and closet organization. Kitchen Tune-Up has been ranked Entrepreneur Magazine's #1 home remodeling franchise for 20 years and has more than 200 franchises. Kitchen Tune-Up offers exclusive territory, proprietary software, and national buying power.



We started because we understand the frustrations of handling bulky bags of cat litter, cat food and cat accessories. We think that is "purr-fect" for today's busy families. We lessen your load by delivering the most popular brands of cat products to your doorstep, saving you time, effort and even some "wear and tear" on your body. We love cats, and we hope that we are doing our part to make it easier for people to open their homes up to a new four-legged friend.

KLA Schools


KLA Schools is an upscale childcare and preschool franchise center, serving children from three months of age through age six. The KLA Schools concept is inspired by cutting-edge educational philosophies including the Reggio Emilia Approach. KLA is building a world-class franchise organization that sets new standards for excellence within the children's educational services industry.

Kleen Seal


Kleen Seal® is a thriving business, providing top quality driveway sealing. Our driveway sealing business presents an exceptional franchise opportunity to the right individuals. The founder of Kleen Seal observed that many homeowners were getting poor results from the contractors they hired for seal coating their asphalt driveways. Today Kleen Seal is setting the standard for professionalism, quality and customer service in the Industry. Kleen Seal is now offering franchise opportunities to further augment it's already flourishing business.

Knights Inn


Knights Inn Franchise Systems, Inc is a subsidiary of Wyndham Hotel Group, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company owned by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, a Delaware corporation. The franchisor offers, sells and supports franchises for guest lodging facilities operating under the "Knights Inn" service mark. The Knights Inn System concept is directed toward the price conscious traveler, offering clean, comfortable rooms and limited amenities for room rates substantially below those charged by mid-market motels and hotels. A typical chain facility will have between 50 and 100 guest rooms. It generally will not offer room service, convention facilities, lobbies, or other upscale amenities that increase construction and operating costs.


Knivis is a fast growing, full-service Internet Marketing Platform. Knivis provides affordable, effective Internet solutions to small and medium size businesses. Knivis lets anyone, regardless of computer skill level, create and manage complete internet marketing campaigns for their clients. It's a powerful, robust Internet Marketing Suite, But it doesn't stop at website creation and maintenance there's much more.

KnockOuts Haircuts For Men


Our franchisees typically have a full time job and operate their KnockOut stores with a manager trained by the franchisor. If you're looking to be an absentee owner and would like to have a business model that attracts the best employees in your market, this might be for you.



KnowledgePoints Development Corporation has added reward to the proverbial three Rs of education list. The company provides needs assessment and supplemental tutoring in reading, math, and study skills for students in grades K-12. The company operates through a network of franchised centers located across the US. W. Berry Fowler, the founder of tutoring powerhouse Sylvan Learning Centers (now part of Educate), started KnowledgePoints. The company began franchising operations in 2000. Capistar Franchise Holdings acquired the company in 2003.

Knuckleheads Gym


Knuckleheads Gym is a fitness arena which is primarily focused on creating a fun gym workout experience for kids in a non-intimidating environment. Knuckleheads Gym is designed for individual workouts, camps, classes, team training, and birthday parties. The company provides franchise owner and floor manager/trainer training. Franchisees also receive startup and ongoing support, which includes guidance on ordering the specialized interactive exercise equipment as well as site selection, design/build-out, and marketing assistance.

KNZ Brokers, Inc.


KNZ Brokers was conceived with one goal in mind: to provide brokers and agents with the tools they need to compete in modern business brokerage and real estate. KNZ offers agents superior technology, cutting edge marketing programs and a generous compensation program. Such tools attract the best agents, who in turn are able to offer the best service, selection, and advice in the industry. Whether you are an agent or broker or buying/selling a home or a business, KNZ Brokers is uniquely positioned to move you forward.

KoKo FitClub


Koko FitClub is like no other fitness club. Custom made 30 minute workouts are programmed into their state-of-the-art equipment. This franchise idea introduces the best of fitness technology into people's fast-passed lives. The founders began Koko FitClub after starting their family. This innovative business model will enable franchisees to become a successful small business owner and balance a family life too! Koko FitClub is an affordable franchise with flexible hours. Incredible training and technology make this franchise a sure thing.

Welcome to KoKoPelli Sonoran Grill KoKopelli Sonoran Grill is a fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurant specializing in made-to-order big-burritos, tacos, fajitas, and other Tex-Mex favorites made with all-fresh ingredients and only of the highest quality meats, chicken, and seafood products at a reasonable price. Customers choose from freshly grilled chicken, steak, shrimp and fish and proceed down the ordering line while their order is being prepared in front of them. For those customers that are concerned about their health and waistline, KoKopelli\'s offers a "Heart Smart" and "low carb" menu as well. The typical square footage is 2200-2600 sq/ft., with seating for 65-85 inside and 30 in a patio setting.

Kolache Factory


Kolache Factory offers its customers the opportunity to "Eat Different." By providing their customers with savory, freshly baked foods that look different from other products, that are available in a variety of delicious, different flavors, and are appropriate to consume at different times of day, they have effectively responded to consumer demand for something wonderfully different. Kolache Factory is committed to developing exciting, new taste sensations. Their dedication to this ideal is reflected in their extensive, ever-expanding menu. As a company that responds to consumer trends, they are continually introducing kolaches in a variety of new flavors, including regional, ethnic and holiday flavors. Their franchisees benefit from having the ability to offer kolaches in a wide assortment of delicious flavors, without the need to change the basic kolache formula.

Kona Ice


Kona Ice franchisees bring their trucks to events to serve up shaved ice that customers can flavor themselves. Franchisees also partner with schools, teams, youth groups and other community groups for fundraising events. Shaved ice kiosks, trailers and the revolutionary new Kona Mini are also available. Kona is a proven winner for franchisees, with over 75% of them purchasing a second truck within 2 years! Kona Ice has pre-arranged financing with a partnered company specifically for those interested in owning a Kona Ice.

  • Kona Ice franchisees operate trucks which serve flavored ice desserts at events
  • 75% of Kona Ice franchisees purchase a second truck within two years
  • Kona Ice has pre-arranged financing with a partner for potential franchisees



Kosama is a unique, one-of-a-kind group training program designed to accommodate clients of all fitness levels in a supportive, team-like atmosphere. A cutting-edge 8-week body transformation program, the Kosama fitness system integrates advanced techniques of muscle confusion, nutrition, consultation, and heart zone training to achieve unparalleled results, with a money back guarantee.

Koya Japan


Koya Japan is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that offers a quality product with sustained appeal and an efficient, proven operating system. Their attractively designed stores are strategically located in food courts of high traffic shopping centers. Their growing franchise system is strong, viable and successful. Their franchise network is made up of hard working, responsible entrepreneurs who are committed to being the best by working within their system. The restaurants currently operate within Canada and are expanding into newer markets.

Krispy Kreme


As an internationally recognized doughnut chain store, Krispy Kreme has been satisfying the taste-buds of many for 75 years. Offering a wide range of classical doughnuts and seasonal varieties alongside beverages and icy treats, it is their traditional warm glazed doughnut that has defined them for many years. Today Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are sold in store locations as well as supermarkets (like Wal-Mart and Target), gas stations and convenience stores throughout the Untied States as well as in Canada (Loblaws supermarkets and Petro-Canada gas stations), Australia's BP Service Stations and BP Travel Centers, and the UK's Tesco supermarkets, Tesco Extra alongside many other service stations as well as in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, the Philippines, Republic of South Korea and United Arab Emirates,.

Krystal Restaurants


Krystal restaurant is an American fast-food brand founded in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by Rody Davenport, Jr., and J. Glenn Sherrill, with the ‘Krystal Kreed’: to operate a spotlessly clean establishment; to serve the best foods obtainable, properly cooked; to render quick, efficient, and courteous service; and to offer all these at the lowest prices possible. Krystal has stuck closely to its original creed through eight decades of successful operation, and has expanded to a series of locations across the American South. The brand is often compared to the Midwestern fast-food chain White Castle.

Kumon Math & Reading Centers


Kumon is the world's most successful after-school tutoring company, with nearly 130,000 students enrolled at individually owned and operated Math & Reading Centers. Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked Kumon #1 among all tutoring franchises for the 11th consecutive year. Kumon franchisees own a rewarding business that helps children while offering large returns on a low initial investment.

  • Kumon is the world's most successful after school tutoring company
  • Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked Kumon #1 among all tutoring franchises for the 11th consecutive year
  • Kumon franchisees own a rewarding business that helps children while offering large returns on a low initial investment

Kwicksilver Systems


Kwicksilver is the leading authority when it comes to the wheel repair marketplace. We pride ourselves in constantly innovating our business model by developing new equipment and tools that give the Kwicksilver technician a decided advantage over the competition. We are pleased to announce our latest development, the Kwickshop™ trailer. This is a fully equipped trailer customized specifically for wheel repair. It even has a semi-automatic tire changer on board. We also have a box truck option that is similarly equipped.

Kwik Kerb


As the world-wide leader in landscape curbing for over 25 years, Kwik Kerb offers a tremendous, low-cost opportunity to own your own landscaping business. Kwik Kerb is a complete business system, featuring a strong brand, comprehensive marketing & training (with ongoing support), exclusive & unique products, and a proven success record. What makes us so attractive to new business owners? We are a low-risk, high-reward franchise-style business with no royalties, ongoing fees, or territory restrictions. That means you control your schedule and keep more of your profits for yourself. And the business excels in good times and bad: in fact, many Kwik Kerb owners have had their best years to date during the past three years!

Kwik Kopy Business Center


Kwik Kopy Business Centers bring the most technologically advanced printing systems to growing business communities. Located in shopping malls and strip centers, they help customers with complete document management, professional marketing solutions, and packing, mailing and shipping services. From consumers who need to send packages across the country, to design & printing for companies trying to grow their businesses, Kwik Kopy Business Centers assist customers with a wide variety of solutions. The International Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ICED) is a holding company offering franchise opportunities in the computer education, health care, and the mail center and printing industries. ICED offers a number of franchise brands including Kwik Kopy, Parcel Plus, and Women's Health Boutique. Bud Hadfield founded the company in 1967 when he began franchising his Kwik Kopy centers.

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