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1080 Teles


1080 Teles is a chain of American electronics stores. Although the company sells electronic appliances and accessories of all types, 1080 Teles specializes in retailing televisions and closed circuit systems. While a lot of the business is derived from private individuals looking to enhance their homes, private businesses looking to have their premises fully wired with technological capabilities are common customers of 1080 Teles, as well.

Facts & Figures


1080 Teles is looking to sell franchises in bundles of three. Franchisees will sign on for an Area Development Agreement and open at least three stores. Though 1080 Teles says it has no intentions of selling single unit franchises, it reserves the right to consider such offers on a case by case basis. However, 1080 Teles franchisees do not need to open all of their stores simultaneously. The hope is for the new owners to roll out the stores in a region gradually, with an average pace of one store per year.

1080 TelesHistory

As an electronic store, 1080 Teles is an evolving brand. When new technologies have emerged, the store has changed to reflect the latest technological capabilities and equipment. Accordingly, a constant retraining of the staff is necessary to ensure that all employees are able to provide accurate and current advice to customers with less technological knowhow.

Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Franchise Income

At this point, all franchise fees and investment costs are unknown to Franchise Help. To obtain more specific information about the financial requirements to open a 1080 Teles franchise, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company headquarters to discuss the opportunity with a knowledgeable representative.

Business Opportunities: Other Information

Franchisees who buy into the 1080 Teles system are provided with a store layout, interior design and color scheme, furnishing and fixtures, supplies, merchandise, daily procedural operations, and management assistance. A thorough training course also helps franchisees to succeed.


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