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AMH Enterprises is a great opportunity to own a business in the lucrative market of government selling.

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AMH Enterprises is a great opportunity to own a business in government selling. Government selling is a lucrative market, with the added bonus of low startup costs and the ability to work from home. AMH provides a proven, step-by-step system for selling to the government, and all the training necessary to run the system.

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Tired of letting someone else or the faltering economy control your income? Seems like the only money being spent is by the Federal Government. The budget for parts and spares for the branches of the military appears to increase every year while you and I are trying to get by with less and less.

Why not own your own business selling parts and spares to the military? It’s not just the military either! All 50 states and local cities and counties put commodities out for bid. The fact is that the government and government entities like cities and counties buy things, all kinds of things. In most cases the lowest bidder wins the contract to provide the goods. You can have your own business selling parts and services from your computer.

We provide complete training, systems and support for our franchisees! We train on how to engage with Government buyers, how to locate opportunities,where and how to find unusual items the government typically purchases and how to negotiate in different purchasing situations. We provide the training and ongoing help.

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