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ASP – America's Swimming Pool Company


ASP – America's Swimming Pool Co. is a franchise concentrated in serving pool maintenance and repair needs. ASP provides services such as ongoing maintenance programs, a routine repair or a pool makeover. Perfect for existing pool business operators and new franchisees alike!

Facts & Figures

Liquid capital required
Net worth required
$49,200 - $89,000
Franchise fee
Units in operation



ASP Swimming Pool Franchise Opportunity

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Why is now the time to consider an ASP pool services franchise?The ASP swimming pool franchise opportunity makes it easier to succeed in the growing swimming pool business. Our franchise owners enjoy a strong industry while they eliminate manual processes, find new customers more effectively, and manage their business more efficiently.

Few business opportunities offer such an affordable path to small business ownership along with the potential for a stable, recurring revenue stream.The ASP swimming pool franchise opportunity increases your chances for success even further, reducing the time it takes to start your business and bring it to profitability.With a proprietary technology platform, a recognized brand, the comprehensive ASP “Pool School” and unmatched support, a profitable pool business has never been easier—even without prior pool experience.

In fact, an increasing number of existing swimming pool business operators are joining ASPto help them become more profitable and grow larger while running their business and marketing more effectively.

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ASP Franchisee Testimonials

We’ve Grown Bigger than Many of Our Competitors

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**** “I have been part of the ASP family and system for just over a year now and my experience has been nothing but stellar. I have a background in franchising and I can tell you that this organization has it together. Their systems are well thought out and detailed. The marketing is effective and easy to use and deploy. The accounting training was top notch and gives the owners all the tools they need to know exactly how healthy their business is, no matter their financial back ground. The mentoring is detailed and supportive. The technical support crew is as knowledgeable as I have ever seen and has helped me not only diagnose problems but quote jobs right in a client’s back yard. The growth that we have seen here in Arizona has been amazing. We have beaten our goals that we set to achieve and the future is only brighter. We now have four full-time guys running routes and doing repairs. We have grown bigger than many of our competitors in one year that have been in business for over 10 years.”

Clint Rowley, Franchise Owner: Phoenix, AZ

I Looked At Several Other Business Models

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“The ASP franchise system has a proven business model for success. The most appealing aspect of joining the franchise system with ASP is the support, both technical and operational. The level of corporate support is very dependable. I looked at several other franchise concepts that offer similar business models, but ASP offered the most realistic, (non pie in the sky) projections. The start-up costs were very reasonable. Anything is attainable, it just takes hard work and dedication. You get out what you put in, and ASP is a great team to be a part of.”

Bram and Karen Schad, Franchise Owners: Ocala, FL

It was Clear I Needed a Partner

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****“After enjoying 19 years of successful and steady growth in my pool service business, I came to a point where it was clear that I needed to partner with a person or entity that could help me with the business processes necessary to continue and even accelerate the growth and profitability of the company. Enter ASP. With the guidance and accountability of my partners at ASP over the past 3 years a number of significant and positive changes have been made. The company is now more solid and is positioned well for further growth.”

Herschel Forester, Now an ASP Franchise Owner

ASP a Secret Weapon

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****“Working with ASP Franchising has taken the unknowns out of starting our own business. The information, support, and advice this franchise company offers has been a tremendous asset. They are always available to answer questions, from simple bookkeeping issues to giving advice on the buy-out of an existing pool company. This doesn’t even include their assistance in answering mechanical issues! Pool cleaning and maintenance is just a part of owning an ASP franchise. Having ASP there to help with the operations side of the business is like having that secret tool that the competition doesn’t have.”

Chad and Paige Fulk, Colon and Pam Fulk, Franchise Owners: Charlotte, NC

Rewarding and Profitable

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**** “I truly enjoy working with the ASP leadership and my business has grown every year I’ve owned it. I began my franchise ownership with many years’ experience in business, but none as an owner. Fortunately, the decision to join the ASP family has been both rewarding and profitable! I look forward to many more years as an ASP franchisee.”

Wayne Gable, Franchise Owner

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Would I Do It Again?


Marcus Kuja, Franchise Owner: St. Simmons, GA

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Only Regret: Not Doing it Sooner

****Having an ASP franchise provided me an opportunity to achieve a personal goal of success in business. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.

Rex Putnal, Franchise Owner: Savannah, GA

We’ve Grown Beyond My Expectations

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****I started this franchise as a back-up plan in 2008 while I was working as a Pharmaceutical sales representative for a large corporation. Over the next five years it has grown beyond my expectations. The transition from being successful with a large corporate entity to being a successful small business with ASP was a dream come true. I never imagined that a pool company would provide me the peace of mind of running a 1+ Million dollar a year company rather than being under the stress of a Fortune 500 company.

ASP has provided a great work/life balance that I could not get from a large company. ASP has provided me the freedom to pursue my entrepreneurial drive and you can make this as small as or big as you like. The ability to expand and grow relationships with my community, knowing I have control of my success is what makes ASP a home run. The training, support, technology and customer service ASP teaches sets it up to be far superior than other pool companies. The program that ASP franchising provides I can think of no better way to start your own business.

Ryan Eiland, Franchise Owner: Destin, FL

From the Basics to Bookkeeping

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****A lot of people ask the question, “Why a franchise?” Anyone could go out there and open up a pool business, but ASP trains you on all the proper techniques, all the wiring, all the plumbing, how pumps work, and you can’t get that opening up your own business. So ASP has done more than just that. They’ve trained you from the basics of chemicals all the way to bookkeeping, so Pool School has been phenomenal, and you couldn’t ask for a better facility or group of people.

Daniel Fears, Franchise Owner: Covington, LA

Nervous Start to Successful Sale

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****Stewart and Tom,

Now that the dust is settling on the sale of my franchise, I want to take the time to thank both of you for the support you have given me over the years to make my investment with ASP a success.

A little more than five years ago I was surveying franchises of all types, looking for the right business for my circumstances. I was at an age where I knew I had a limited time to work and I wanted a business I could develop into something I could sell to assist with my retirement.

During the first year, there were quite a few hot afternoons in customer back yards on the phone with one or the other of you talking me through some task that had me stymied. There were a few times I thought I was going to have to leave the site with my tail between my legs and just acknowledge to the customer that I couldn’t fix the problem. But you got me through it every time. I am appreciative of your patience.

Over the subsequent years the programs and support offered by ASP have enabled me to grow my business into a viable asset and the successful sale of the business has completed my five year plan. As I retire I want to acknowledge the role the two of you have played in my success and wish you the best with your plans to continue developing ASP as the premier pool service business in the country.

Sincerely, Dan Meehan

Dan Meehan, Former Franchise Owner: Norcross, GA

Conversions: “Why Did You Do That, Herschel?”

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****In January of 2011, Forester Pool Service became a conversion franchisee of America’s Swimming Pool Co. based in Macon, Georgia. I have been asked many times “Why did you do that Herschel.” The answer is :

  1. The company had hit a plateau in revenues for three years in a row. It was time for some new ideas and objective input from someone who was sharp and experienced in the pool business.
  2. I have wished for years for a partnerlike relationship with a smart and hard worker. Sometimes running the business alone felt like something valuable was missing.
  3. After these thoughts had occupied my mind for some time, I received a letter from Stewart Vernon, CEO and founder of ASP Franchising. He was fishing for a franchisee. After much thought and prayer I decided to join up with ASP. We went to work immediately on what Stewart saw as glaring weak spots.
  4. What I have received by being an ASP franchisee has been very valuable.
  5. My financial books are much better and more accurate. I have learned how important it is to know my business well from a numbers standpoint.
  6. I am a part of a national brand. The name recognition around the country and in Texas continues to grow. Our logo and our processes for running a profitable pool service company are proving successful.
  7. I have assistance from a dedicated staff in Macon. I receive help on my website, social media, SEO, and marketing decisions. I can consult by phone on a regular basis with a very competent individual to talk over any issues dealing with the company. If I have legal concerns there is a lawyer available for guidance (but ultimately if legal services are needed, I would go to a local lawyer here in Dallas).
  8. We have benefits from ASP franchising with regard to manufacturers and suppliers.
  9. I have the opportunity to talk with other successful franchise owners and since we are not in each other’s market we can freely divulge our best practices and try to help each other. As each franchise prospers, ASP as a whole will prosper. We have friendly competition among the owners and that has helped ASP Dallas do our best.
  10. Finally, my psychological approach to business has been raised to a new level. Just being a part of ASP and knowing that I have support available has helped me reach out and try new things. And we certainly have broken out of that three year plateau. At the end of this year we will have doubled our yearly revenue compared to that revenue on which we had been stuck 4 years ago.

My plan for ASP Dallas is to continue to grow our customer base and increase our quality of service in all areas. Our company will be a great place to work for the following reasons:

  1. Our team members will be well compensated.
  2. Our team members will be well trained.
  3. We will provide a career path for those who want to make a career in the pool service industry.
  4. We will support each team member in our efforts to deliver resort level quality service every day.
  5. As the company’s net profit increases, our team members will be rewarded through increased bonus payouts.
  6. We will have a positive, encouraging, friendly company culture to work in.

Herschel Forester, Franchise Owner: Dallas, TX


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