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Battery Giant is a franchise in the $73 billion a year battery distribution market that supplies both consumers and businesses. Batteries are used for many items, from hearing aids to fork lifts. The company is a large wholesale distributor of automotive and SLI (starting, lighting and ignition) batteries, as well as sealed lead acid batteries. Battery Giant also offers free recycling opportunities for consumers when they turn in old cell phones and used batteries.

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Battery Giant's business is supported by the company’s emphasis on recycling within their local communities. Recently, the company distributed green buckets to local businesses in Detroit to help raise awareness of batter recycling. The green buckets were the same color as the Battery Giant locations, helping drive awareness of the brand. Battery Giant franchises are turnkey operations, and the central brand helps set-up and train every store

Battery Giant Franchise History

An affiliate of Energy Products since it began business, Battery Giant’s central office is located in Michigan. It has opened 25 franchised retail locations and three fulfillment centers over the past six years, including locations in Puerto Rico and Panama. The company continues to grow with new markets across the country.

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