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Booster Juice operates as a juice and smoothie bar, offering various other desserts as well. Booster Juice is popularly found in Canada and are an established brand in that category in Canada. Booster juice offers the public healthy alternatives to fast food and thus serves its clientele with blended fruit to create their healthy 24 oz. smoothies. The company concept is geared towards the active lifestyle of the public and smoothies are the ideal meal on the run, power breakfast, energy enhancers, workout snacks or afternoon treats. The company caters to the healthy segment of the food industry and provides people with healthier alternatives to snacks and junk food.

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At Booster Juice, we give passionate entrepreneurs the opportunity to be part of the solution by creating better choices for nutrition and health. Our convenient craveable menu is a true alternative to the typical fast food fare. We are dedicated to serving delicious, premium products while emphasizing sustainable and organic food sources.

The Booster Juice concept is truly a unique food service concept that combines great tasting product with unparalleled convenience while promoting a

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