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Facts & Figures

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About DIA

DIA is one of the world’s largest specialty discount food retailers, striving to provide quality products at unbeatable prices across their wide network of stores. DIA opened its first store in Madrid, Spain in 1979, providing the first discount food store in Spain’s retail food market. Since then, the chain has grown to include 7,718 stores, 3,697 of which are franchises. In 2015, DIA did €10.5 billion in sales. DIA currently operates in five countries: Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and China, after selling their stores in France to the Carrefour group after demerging with the group in 2011.

Franchising Information

Opening a DIA franchise allows franchisees to have access to a market leader in the discount food retail industry, a competitive business model, marketing and loyalty club opportunities at no cost to the franchise, effective logistics and processes systems, continued support and communication, market research, and competitive results. DIA creates a strong partnership with franchisees in order to set both parties up for a successful relationship.

DIA does not specify the capital needed to open a franchise and instead states that capital required depends on the location of the franchise and the store format. DIA does provide financing for opening a franchise, but financing is reviewed on a case by case basis. With low barriers to entry, financing options, and lower initial investments required, opening a DIA franchise is accessible to qualified candidates.

While there is always a financial risk for both parties, DIA has developed a franchising model that is optimized for the success of both parties. DIA provides strong guidance and support for franchisees, from personalized meetings throughout the application process, to access to training opportunities and an assigned advisor in order to help DIA franchises succeed.

DIA also provides a high level of operational and commercial support to their franchises including an ordering system, assistance with store hours, a defined store assortment, access to DIA suppliers, assistance with product placement, and advertising at no cost to the individual franchise.

Application Process

The first step in opening a DIA franchise is completing a non-binding assessment of your personal qualities. This test gives potential franchisees an opportunity to evaluate themselves to determine if opening a DIA franchise is right for them. Next, potential franchisees are invited to put in their contact information in order to be contacted by DIA. Potential franchisees are then invited to an informational breakfast where they will learn about franchising with DIA. DIA representatives will then discuss the case at hand personally and conduct a market analysis determining the profitability of opening a location in the proposed area. If both parties agree to proceed at this point, the necessary contracts will be signed and the application approved.

Desired Qualities

DIA desires its franchisees to be independent, have an entrepreneurial vision, interest in food retail, strong interpersonal communication skills, financial acumen, organizational leadership skills, the ability to work well with a team, devote time to their business, have a strong commitment to the business, and the willingness to comply with contractual terms.

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