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About Eatza Pizza

Eatza Pizza offers its customers the option to choose from at least 18 fresh pizzas every day. The company offers all you can eat for one low price. The price not only includes pizzas but also allows customers to enjoy Pasta, Salad and dessert as well. Using this offering the company attracts the heavy eaters who feel that regular restaurants do not offer economical priced meals. When the first Eatza Pizza was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, they had their hearts set on a fun, value-oriented family pizza restaurant where friendly service, reasonable prices and great food were the star attractions. The company maintains that belief as the foundation of Eatza Pizza even today. The company currently has 77 restaurants opened or under development in the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. There are 14 Eatza Pizza restaurants currently operating or planned in the greater Phoenix area.

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