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FasTracKids encourages creativity and brain development for children ages six months to six years at enrollment. The company also focuses on developing speaking and communication skills and promoting leadership and personality development. Four programs are offered through the FasTracKids Enrichment Centers, including the company's signature program -- FasTracKids, a 96-week course for children ages three to six. The company has more than 20 years of experience in early childhood enrichment education and its programs have been translated into 10 different languages.

Full Franchise Information

The licensor is FasTracKids International, Ltd., a Colorado corporation, incorporated in 1998. Some of FasTracKids’ educational concepts come from Dr. Johann DeBeer, a world-renowned educator. Crestcom, a licensor of educational programs for business executives, is affiliated with FasTracKids. FasTracKids offers licenses for the operation of educational courses for children 3-6 years of age. The educational instruction utilizes audio and visual information electronically transmitted via video and computer with specialized facilitation by a certified teacher. Each business is equipped with a FasTracKids Learning Station (the elearning package) and FasTracKids Educational Package (the written materials) that contain 48 course units taught over a 12-month period.

The franchisor offers two single-unit license programs:

  • FasTracKids Academy – is the primary license program. Multiple classrooms are allowed per license location but each class size may not exceed 16 students.
  • Mini-Academy – is the smaller license program offered, marketed to licencees desiring a limited class size and/or on a part-time basis. One classroom is permitted per license location with a maximum of 8 students per classroom.


A FasTracKids business is operable in a school, pre-school, church, health and fitness center, business location, or similar facility.


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