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The smell of fresh baked cookies puts a smile on the face of anyone passing by, and when you walk into a Mrs. Fields stores, you'll want to smile too. Often found in shopping malls, food courts, and airports, many of the stores can be small without offering seating. Customers can grab their cookies, brownies and other tasty treats and take those snacks with them. As Mrs. Fields and TCBY are part of the same group, there are some locations that sell both cookies and other desserts as well as frozen yogurt.

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Mrs. Fields succeeds on the basis of its delicious cookies. Though the chain originally started with a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, and now offers oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and many more flavors. Shoppers love knowing that they can stop by and grab a quick snack while on the go. Many locations also give offer cookie trays and cookie cakes for holidays and special occasions. There are close to 400 franchises now operating across the country and more than 4,000 people working for the company.

History of Mrs. Fields Cookies Franchise

Debbi Fields was in her early 20s when she decided to take her chocolate chip cookie recipe and make cookies for the public. Fields opened her first store in California in 1977. That store became a quick success and made Fields a household name. After owning the original bakery and shop for nearly 20 years, she sold her business to an investment firm that later offered franchise opportunities. Those purchasing franchises today receive access to the original recipe and all the other recipes used by the company, which guarantees that customers have the same experience and get the same cookies at all stores. That commitment to stability helped the company grow significantly.

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