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Inspire Wellness. Be a part of the burgeoning trillion-dollar healthcare industry. Now that you've decided to own your own business, own one that's worthwhile. And if your passion is helping people, then you're in luck with Soulstice. Soulstice is a healthcare business derived from the massage therapy industry. A number of years ago we discovered a specialized market niche helping people recover faster and more efficiently following surgical procedures.

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About Soulstice

Soulstice, Ltd. is a unique and innovative healthcare business that helps people get better faster following surgical procedures. Our specialty service is Peri-operative Therapy but we also provide a variety of medical massage therapy services. Join our team today!

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Ann Brooks and Kent Lemburg, founders of Soulstice, Ltd., have developed a unique and innovative healthcare business that helps people get better faster following surgical procedures. We've named our specialty service Peri-operative Therapy. Peri-operative Therapy has proven effective to alleviate pain, reduce bruising and swelling, and soften scar tissue.

In addition to Peri-operative Therapy, Soulstice provides a variety of medical massage therapy services from injury and accident recovery to general everyday health maintenance.

All candidates need to possess a minimum of $100,000 in total capital to start the business as well as fund its first 3 months of operation. Franchisees or their designated representatives will be responsible for networking and marketing to their local medical community to obtain referral sources.Therefore, all candidates are required to possess medical sales experience, education, or supervision.

We are a "finer wine"

Spa-themed massage businesses have proven to be a successful franchise model providing massage to the masses at an affordable price. After experiencing this entry level massage, people now seek our high-quality services over the low cost and high volume competition.

We hire and cultivate the finest therapists – compensating them equitably, competitively, and professionally.

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Benefits of Owning a Soulstice Franchise

  • Launch a valuable and new healthcare service in your community

  • Enjoy a positive, healthy work environment

  • Deliver non-pharmacologic care

  • Participate in a burgeoning market niche

  • Build relationships for life for sustaining client retention

How we support our franchiseesImage title

  • Access to peri-operative and medical massage therapy founders/operators

  • Site selection

  • Store opening and operation

  • Therapist hiring process

  • Peri-operative Therapy training

  • Physician marketing

Note: Soulstice franchisees are not required to have previous medical or massage therapy knowledge.

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