Automotive Franchises

An Ocean of Cars

There are about 254 million passenger vehicles in the US

Fix, Don’t Sell

People are keeping their cars longer rather than buying new ones, meaning they are more likely to have old cars repair

Totaled Cars Total Dollars

The average automobile repair costs $367.00

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Automotive Franchises Industry Description


Automotive franchises take advantage of the central role cars play in American society. With nearly 254 million passenger vehicles in the U.S., the automotive industry provides lucrative opportunities to be involved in a critical aspect of most people’s daily lives.

What kinds of opportunities are there?

There are several primary categories of automobile franchises. There are franchises that focus on automobile repair and maintenance, including general repair franchises, transmission repair franchises, and oil change franchises.

Another branch of franchises focus on car aesthetics, such as auto detailing franchises and car wash franchises.

There are also gas station franchises, car rental franchises, and auto accessory franchises—all of which take advantage of Americans’ reliance on cars.

Keep on truckin’

Since the recession struck in 2008, people are keeping their cars longer and having them serviced, rather than buying new ones. With these older cars around, there are more repairs to be done, and the average automobile repair clocks in at $367.

With Americans dependent on their cars and trucks—and a slew of older models that need frequent servicing—automotive franchises are a solid choice for the coming years.

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