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Auto repair facilities made $30.3 billion in revenue last year

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There are 35,000 franchise auto repair facilities.

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The industry is highly fragmented – 50 of the largest companies in the automotive repair shop franchise industry generate a mere 10% of total revenue

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Automotive Repair Franchises Industry Description

Auto repair franchises focus on all areas of car maintenance, including fixing and replacing brakes, mufflers, tires, electronics, windshields, and much more, although some businesses focus on just a couple of areas. Franchises give entrepreneurs a brand name in a field where trust is paramount. The franchise fees and capital requirements are very disparate depending on the nature of services offered by each repair franchise. People are holding on to their cars longer, often choosing repairs over the cost of purchasing a new car. Self-repair and people moving away from cars to other forms of transportation are a concern in a down economy, but as the entire economy begins to pick up the auto repair industry should as well, making 2014 an excellent time to jump into the market..

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