Business Broker Franchises

Mind Your Business

Personal relationship skills and business skills are a must

Go For Broke

Over 50% of small businesses that sell are sold through business brokers

In Commission

Commissions for brokers are generally anywhere from 5% for large corporations to 12% for very small operations.

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Business Broker Franchises Industry Description

Business broker franchises work for a seller of a business or franchise and work to market and sell the business to potential buyers in return for a commission. Business brokers may also work individually for potential buyers, advising them of potential business or franchise opportunities, helping them survey the market and find the right fit, and then leading them towards the opportunity. Licensing and regulation are important in this industry, as there may be specific state-by-state laws. Working with a franchise both gives a level of trust to interested buyers in a field in which trust is integral, helps sort out the potentially complicated state licensing, and provides access to a knowledgeable network.

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