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At the Car Wash

Annual revenue for car washes is $5.8 billion

Washed Out

There are 113,000 car washes in the US

Do It Yourself

.A self service car wash franchise doesn’t even require employee supervision, yet brings in an average of $41,000 a year

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Car Wash Franchises Industry Description

As consumers hold onto their cars for longer than ever before, frequent washing is as big a need as ever in order to keep old cars looking spick and span. There are multiple types of car wash franchises available, including self-serve, traditional, and mobile. Traditional car washes require employees who do the washing, while self-serve models allow customers to clean their own cars. Automatic washes allow the customer to drive through a series of cloths and spigots that spray, wash, and dry the car with no manual labor. Mobile car washes are another option, offer appealing to environmentally conscious customers due to their use of less water than the other car wash varieties. Mobile and self-serve tend to be less expensive than traditional and automatic washes which require more equipment. Everyday 8 million cars are washed, totaling 2.3 bllion in a year, leaving plenty of business for potential franchisees to fight for with a car wash franchise in 2014.

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