Carpet Cleaning Franchises

Revenue Well Above the Floor

In 2015, the industry is predicted to gross $4.4 billion.

Carpeted in Commerce

The biggest growth in carpet cleaning clients in the last ten years came from the commercial sector schools, stores and offices

More Carpets to Clean Every Year

Carpet cleaning has recently grown at about a 5 percent annual rate.

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Carpet Cleaning Franchises Industry Description

Carpet cleaning franchisees clean carpets for both individuals and businesses, with advanced tools and chemicals that clients don’t and wouldn’t have reason to have access to. Because carpets can be very difficult to clean, and replacing carpets is rather expensive, there’s a sizable market for carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners each have a proprietary system of chemicals and a method for treating carpet, and some carpet cleaning franchises are trying to ride the current green trend and make their process more environmentally friendly. As carpet makes up just under half of all residential flooring in the country, the market for carpet cleaning franchises is vast in 2014.

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