Child Education Franchises

Children are the Future

The for profit education sector is expected to grow at 4.1 percent annually for the next five years

Tutoring Around the World

The global tutoring market is expected to surpass 102.8 billion by 2018

School is Cool

 The supplemental child education industry has annual revenues of about $30 billion

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Child Education Franchises Industry Description

Children’s Education franchises are broken roughly into two segments. The first is aimed at younger kids and often attempts to mix education, entertainment, and childcare. The second is tutoring, most frequently for older kids, in either school subjects or test preparation. Some tutoring companies have a less expensive work-at-home model, where the franchisee must recruit tutors and market to parents, while others offer a more expensive retail location model. While children’s education franchises tend to be somewhat seasonal, making most of their money during the school year, education franchises aimed at younger children often offer programs after school as well through summer camps to maintain revenue year round.

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