Child Fitness Franchises

Straying Strong

The children’s fitness field has 303 million in annual revenue

Exercising Financial Muscles

The industry is expected to grow by 3.2% yearly over the next five years

Fitness Concentration

The top four franchises account for about 45.0% of industry revenue

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Child Fitness Franchises Industry Description

Children’s fitness franchises are generally made up of children’s gym franchises and children’s organized sports franchises. Gym franchises are a little bit more expensive because they require a retail location, where children come and exercise; the most common type of this franchise may be martial arts franchises. Organized sports franchises run leagues and sports camps; these franchises are less expensive, don’t require a retail space, and can often be run part time. Parents’ increased desire to instill values of exercise and fighting obesity has led to keep the industry growing strong in 2014.

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