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11 million children under the age of five attend child care every week

A Place to Learn

41% of parents looking for childcare are outsourcing their kids is to center

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The for-profit childcare industry accounts for $18 billion per year

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Childcare Franchises Industry Description

Childcare franchises watch over children while their parents are working or away. There are two primary types of childcare franchises. First, childcare franchises with a center to which parents can bring their kids. These centers often have education and entertainment components which offer additional services to young children while they’re being cared for. Second, there are childcare franchises which screen and provide babysitters and nannies in home, giving a trusted name and a large company to a decision that can be nerve-racking and difficult for parents. As the cost of childcare has increased, parents are increasingly looking to child care centers that can provide educational services in additional to caring for their children, thus making a childcare franchise a great way to take part in a $36 billion market in 2014.

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