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Waking Up To Coffee

30 million Americans drink specialty coffee drinks daily

Need for Caffeine

Coffee consumption represents 75% of all caffeine absorbed in the US

Worth a Lot of Beans

Coffee shops are a $10 billion industry

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Coffee Franchises Industry Description


In the past few decades, coffee franchises have really perked up. In addition to coffee, most also serve tea, blended beverages, snacks and bakery items.

Quality in your cup

In recent years, Americans have begun to care more about the quality of their coffee, leading to major chains and smaller outfits stepping up their game.

Specialty coffee and espresso drinks have also increased in popularity, allowing shops to offer consumers a product that they cannot easily make at home.

It’s all about the ambiance

In an unusual trend for food franchises, coffee shops are places were customers actually hang out and get work done while consuming their drinks. This makes the atmosphere and overall experience incredibly important to assure repeat business.

Need for speed

  • 30 million Americans drink specialty coffee drinks daily.
  • Coffee drinking represents 75 percent of all caffeine consumed in the U.S.
  • Coffee shops are a $10 billion industry.

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