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While only 10% of commercial cleaning firms are franchises, they take in $50 billion a year, almost a third of the $160 billion industry

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There are 48,400 franchised commercial cleaning outlets

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Office buildings are the largest segment of the commercial cleaning industry, accounting for 31.6%

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Commercial Cleaning Franchises Industry Description

A subsection of the larger cleaning industry, commercial cleaning franchises focus on cleaning commercial spaces, often after business hours. Some commercial cleaning franchises even specialize further into carpet cleaning or green cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies tend to be a little more expensive than residential cleaning franchises, as they require more employees and more resources to clean larger spaces regularly. Although the industry struggled during the recession like many others, it is expected to grow as the economy gets back on its feet, and is generally considered a fairly stable field, as commercial cleaning is a necessity for businesses. Traditional cleaning companies experience great turnover in the field, 55% annually, leaving room for successful franchises to fill the void with better service.

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