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Everyone’s on the Net

71.7% of Americans accessed the internet according the most recent census, up from 18% in1997

The Internet is Everywhere

Franchises in this industry tend to be relatively low cost and home based

Quick Change

The rapid rate of improving technology means people and companies always need help adjusting

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Computer & Internet Franchises Industry Description


With technology evolving at an ever-increasing pace, computer and Internet franchises offer entrepreneurs the chance to be on the cutting edge of progress.

The importance of computers and the Internet to businesses is only growing; a strong Web presence is a must for any modern business, and up-to-date well-maintained technology is integral.

What are my options?

There are several sectors available within the field that allow franchisees to play an important part in keeping technology humming along. Computer repair, information technology services, Internet service providers, and computer products are all avenues accessible in this industry.

Working from home

Businesses in the computer and Internet industry tend to be low-cost and low overhead. A low overhead, potentially no need for a storefront and a constant business demand make this a lucrative industry to invest in.

Everyone’s on the Net

More than 84 percent of Americans use the Internet, meaning there are hundreds of millions of people who could use the help of a computer or Internet franchise. With computer downtime costing companies 3.6 percent of their annual revenue, the market for saving a piece of that is large and valuable. The rapid rates of improving technology means people and companies always need help adjusting.

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