Cosmetic Franchises

Looks Aren’t Free

Women over 18 spend $144 on average per year on beauty products

It Pays to Look Good

The franchise cosmetics business makes $200 million on goods and services per year

Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Facial skin care is the most popular industry segment with 27%, followed by peson care at 23% and hair care and make-up tied at 20%

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Cosmetic Franchises Industry Description


Cosmetic franchises sell cosmetic products to consumers out of their homes or from a retail location.

Make me pretty

Most cosmetic franchises are specialized, focusing on areas such as makeup, hair products, or skin care. Organic products have also come into vogue as of late, presenting another growing segment of the cosmetics industry.

It pays to look good

Women over 18 spend $144 on average per year on beauty products. The cosmetics franchise industry pulls $200 million in revenue on goods and services annually.

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