Dry Cleaning Franchises

Dry Cleaning All Over

There are estimated 38,755 dry cleaning businesses in the US

Taking It to the Cleaners

Annual revenue is expected to rise 1.2% to $9.0 billion.

Specialty Fabrics

Many dry cleaners offer specialty cleaning services for fur, leather, suede, draperies, and pillows

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Dry Cleaning Franchises Industry Description

Dry cleaning franchises are generally retail storefronts that take customers’ clothes and dry clean them, either on site or off site. On-site dry cleaning requires a significant outlay for equipment. Some dry cleaners draw customers by promising to have their clothes cleaned in a short amount of time, Additionally, there are pick up dry cleaning franchises that provide convenience for customers by picking up their dirty clothes and delivering them back clean. Different dry cleaning franchises utilize different processes, and some franchises offer more environmentally friendly processes. The industry is geared to grow as employment numbers begin to improve, and the need for professional clothing which needs to be dry cleaned along with it, making 2014 a great year to invest in a dry cleaning franchise.

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