Financial Services Franchises

Increasing Finances

As the market rebounds, financial sector revenue is expected to grow by 7% this year

Financial Freedom

Financial services franchises are relatively low cost and home-based

Need a Plan

39% of U.S. adults have no non-retirement savings

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Financial Services Franchises Industry Description

Financial services is a catch-all for a variety of franchise types which offer businesses, individuals, and families services and advice related to finance. There are several types of prominent financial services franchises, and the level of specialization makes them attractive options to consumers over larger, more general organizations. Financial planning franchises help clients manage their personal finances and assets to save for retirement or other goals, including saving for college tuition for children. Financial services for seniors help seniors pay for retirement costs and prepare for increased medical expenses. Financial analysts analyze financial statements and write reports to increase efficiency. Credit repair franchises help clients fix their credit.

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