Gas Station Franchises

What a GasĀ 

Gas stations are a $133 billion industry

Old but Reliable

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the first purpose-built, drive-up gas station

Too Cool for Fuel

A typical franchise gas station makes about 70% of its revenue on other products

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Gas Station Franchises Industry Description

Gas stations provide the gasoline that is needed for millions of Americans to drive every day to and from work and everywhere else. Gas, of course is the main draw, for any gas station. While gas is the main product gas stations trade in, margins are relatively low, and gas stations actually make most of their revenue from selling other products. Many gas stations have small or medium sized convenience stores attached which sell candy, drinks, and other items. While similar to convenience stores in that way, gas stations have the draw of gas to bring customers in. Location is essential for gas stations and they are not inexpensive.

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