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Supermarket sales are $602 billion annually

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The average grocery store carries 38,718 items

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The median weekly sale for a grocery store is $384,911

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Grocery Store Franchises Industry Description


Grocery store franchises are large retailers that sell a vast variety of foods and beverages to hungry consumers.

Always in demand

Grocery stories are less affected by seasonality, as people usually eat three meals a day during all seasons. Humans need food to survive, and will always need a place to buy it.

Even in the age of the Internet and quickly changing trends, food sales have remained stable, and grocery stores are still the place most people buy their packaged food.

A voracious appetite for funds

Grocery stores are bigger and require more equipment than many other retail stores, making them a pretty pricey venture. Still, they’re a strong all-around bet in the retail space—food isn’t going out of style any time soon.

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  • Supermarket sales are $602 billion annually.
  • The average grocery store carries 38,718 items.
  • The median weekly sale for a grocery store is $384,911.

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