Handyman Franchises

Repair Your Bank Account

Handyman industry annual revenue estimated $2.4 billion.

Save Energy, Make Money

Energy efficiency has been a new source of income for handyman franchises

Fix it Up

Purchases of foreclosed homes will drive demand for repair work by handymen

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Handyman Franchises Industry Description

When people don’t have the time or know-how to fix all sorts of problems around the house, handyman franchises step in to do the job. They provide a wide range of services including painting, plumbing, electrical repair, and more. Handyman franchises are primarily employed by residential home owners and property managers. The industry suffered greatly during the recession but less so than other home services areas because minor repairs are less costly and more necessary than big projects. As interest rates and home prices have remained low, the industry has rebounded and is expected to continue to rise, meaning that 2014 is a fine time to start browsing handyman franchises.

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