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Healthcare and Senior Care Franchises

In-home From Your Home

Most in-home senior care franchises can be run from your home without a storefront

The Aging Curve

In 1990, there were 11 potential caregivers for every family member needing care. By 2050, there will be four.

Rich at Home

Home Care was a $74 billion industry in 2013

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Healthcare and Senior Care Franchises Industry Description

Healthcare and Senior Franchises


The baby boomer generation is heading toward retirement, and there are more older Americans than ever before. It’s this increasing population of Americans over 65 that opens the door for the expansion of healthcare and senior care franchises.

Healthcare and senior care franchises offer a chance to influence people’s lives in a positive way while taking advantage of this growing industry.

What kinds of prospects are there?

There are several major areas within this field. In-home senior care is a growing sector in which you can manage aides who work in clients’ homes. These services can be medical, non-medical, or both. Some in-home service companies sell products as well, adding in multiple revenue streams.

Medical services franchises provide a large opportunity as well, including health care staffing and billing.

In-home care from your home

Most in-home senior care franchises can be low-cost and run without a storefront. This also makes it a potentially affordable venture.

Everyone’s getting older

Home care is a $74 billion industry and is expected to continue growing. Projections show that by the year 2030, more than 36 million Americans will be 65 or older, and many of them will need help.

This makes the healthcare and senior care industry a quickly expanding field that will not only generate lots of business, but help you feel good about the work you do.

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