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Home Based Franchises

Home Sweet Home

One in five Americans work at home, and that figure is expected to rise 63% in the next five years

Living the Good Life

54% of employees who work at home full time are happier than their prior situation, compared to only 27% of those who work in offices

Bring It Back Home

Seventy percent of home-based businesses survive at least three years, compared to just 29% of non-home based ventures

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Home Based Franchises Industry Description


It doesn't always take a storefront to run a franchise. There are plenty of options for franchisees who are looking to start their own venture without the cost, time and hassle of opening a physical location

A major reason many people are interesting in franchising is because they want a total change in lifestyle. For those entrepreneurs for whom flexibility, control over their working hours, and quality of life is important, a home-based franchise can be a very attractive option.

What is a home-based franchise?

A home-based franchise is one that doesn’t require a brick-and-mortar location, and can be run from the comfort of your own home. Home-based franchises are available in many different industries, including travel services, tutoring, in-home care, cleaning, business services, and home services.

In addition, some franchise concepts offer home-based entry options with the opportunity to open a retail storefront later on.

What are the benefits?

If you value flexibility and family time, a home-based franchise might be for you. Think about the time you could save without a daily commute! Plus, a home-based franchise allows you the freedom to schedule your days around children, family members or other obligations. Added bonus: No one will know if you’re wearing pajamas.

What do I need to start one?

Home-based franchises tend to be on the lower-cost end, because no capital is necessary to obtain retail space or pay for the overhead a physical location requires. Every franchise requires different amounts of capital to get going, but there’s likely a home-based franchise in your price range. You can check out our page on low-cost franchises (link) as well.

Will I be the only one?

No way! You’ll be part of a growing trend—one in five Americans work at home, and that figure is expected to rise 63 percent over the next five years.

Do you think I’ll enjoy it?

Imagine waking up when you want and strolling into the “office” in your robe and slippers. Sounds great, right? Turns out 54 percent of employees who work at home full-time are happier than they were in their prior job, compared to only 27 percent of office workers.

Is this a viable concept? Won’t I end up slacking off?

You can succeed at anything you put your mind to, and just because you’ll be doing it from your favorite armchair doesn't mean it won’t get done. Seventy percent of home-based businesses survive at least three years, compared to just 29 percent of non-home based ventures.

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American Business Systems


20 years as America's leader in Medical Billing, with unparalleled training and support. $100k potential. Work from anywhere, full-time or part-time. Come join our success!

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360 Painting


360 Painting is a home-based painting franchise offering customers the highest quality and service. 360 Painting requires no painting experience. Their proprietary sales and estimating techniques take stress out of the process and help franchisees capitalize on the market.

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Home Helpers


Home Helpers provides medical, non-medical and personal care services for seniors and others needing short or long term care. Home Helpers offers franchisees marketing and public relations expertise, comprehensive training, a national accounts program, and personalized support.

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Serving visitors from coast to coast since 1967,TravelHost is the most widely read travel magazine in the nation and the medium of choice for thousands of advertisers - from local businesses to Fortune 500 giants - who are seeking to attract the traveling consumer.

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For 25 years, Unishippers has been the trusted shipping advisor for over 50,000 shipping customers. Unishippers creates individualized shipping solutions and partners with carriers like UPS to handle shipments.

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At SandFree, we offer a unique and innovative solution to floor refinishing that has been utilized all over the country. If you have the resources, management skills, and drive to succeed, we can help you create a business that you can stand behind with enthusiasm and pride.

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SMS Masterminds


As an SMS Masterminds licensee, you'll receive an exclusive market in which to sell a state of the art mobile-based loyalty program to local businesses. Replacing traditional punch-card loyalty programs, SMS Masterminds is the next generation of direct marketing.

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Anago Cleaning Systems


Anago Cleaning Systems helps businesses meet their cleaning needs. Anago’s proven model is one of the fastest, most risk-free success vehicles in the entire franchise industry. Purchasing an Anago Master Franchise, helps secure a future in a recession-resistant, exploding industry.

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Bloomin Blinds


Bloomin' Blinds is unique to its competition in the fact that we offer blind repair, and sales. The focus on blind repair makes it easier for Bloomin' Blinds to generate new customers, win bids and create repeat appointments. Blind repair is easy to learn, start making a profit today!

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