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Safe to Drive

The average Americans pays 797$ per month for auto insurance

Life is Precious

Life and health insurance account for about 58% of the total United States insurance market. 

Insure Success

It is predicted that the worldwide insurance industry will climb more than 5% a year to $5.1 trillion in 2015

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Insurance Franchises Industry Description

Insurance industry franchisees help clients protect their assets and mitigate risk, in many different fields. Insurance franchises range from life insurance, to health insurance, to car insurance, to property insurance. Because of the stringent regulations in this field, insurance franchises sometimes work by state. Automobile insurance is required by most states, making insurance a particularly stable industry, and new health insurance laws should increase the near term need for insurance brokers to distill the complicated legal framework. A growing sector in the insurance franchise industry is franchises that appeal to Latinos, currently an underserved market

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