IT Franchises

IT Fail

Nearly a third of IT customers walk away unsatisfied, leaving a significant opportunity for well-run IT franchises

Computers are Hard

83% of computer users have difficulties each year, but that only 25% of them were able to resolve them by themselves

Bit by Bit

The annual growth rate in the IT field is 3.4%

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IT Franchises Industry Description

IT or tech support franchises provide customer support to people having trouble with their computers. Computers have been proliferating over the past couple of decades and with the rise of computers come the rise of computer problems. IT franchises are often home-run and low-cost and must keep up with the constant changes in technology. IT franchisees often cater to small or medium sized businesses without their own in-house IT department and offer a variety of services. As computers continue their domination of the workplace, IT franchises are well positioned in 2014.

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