Junk Removal Franchises

Waste Makes Money

Waste management in the US is a $55 billion industry

A Whole Lot of Junk

The total amount of waste handled by waste management facilities in the US was 621.5 million tons

Hauling Junk Hauls in Cash

Transporting and processing wastes and recyclables is a $6 billion business

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Junk Removal Franchises Industry Description

Junk removal franchises take garbage from homeowners, construction sites, and businesses for a fee to dumps or recycling facilities. The fees are typically based on the weight or volume of the refuse and may depend on the material as well. Franchises try to make this process extremely convenient for customers by providing a reasonable time window for picking up junk on call and trustworthy labeled trucks and uniformed drivers. Franchises can often be run from home and require no retail location or office space, but can still be pricey due to the equipment needed to haul the junk. These franchises focus on removing appliances, furniture, and junk from major clean ups of basements and attics. The business is seasonal as well, with winter months likely to be slower.

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