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Make Green with Lawn Care

The landscaping industry has annual revenues of $71 billion

People Love Their Lawns

Single family residences are the biggest users of lawn care, at 67% of the market

Landscaping Adds Value

$40 of landscaping can increase the price of a home by $1,932

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Lawn Care Franchises Industry Description

Lawn care franchises apply fertilizers and other chemicals to keep lawns green and lush and cut and landscape lawns to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Green lawn care franchises are a growing segment of this industry, and use proprietary earth-friendly chemicals and processes. Other lawn care services these franchises provide can be clearing leaves, mowing, mulching, and flower planting. Business may be seasonal depending on the location and climate, and premium landscaping services struggled in poor economic conditions, but basic mowing is a routine need for anyone with a lawn.

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