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Master and Area Developer

Taking One for the Team

Master and Area Developer franchisees make money through royalties, so the success of their franchisees is paramount

Like Franchsior, Like Franchisee

Franchisees mirror the job of franchisors for certain geographic areas

Masters Degree

Fast food restaurants, real estate agencies, and convenience food stores are three industries that typically employ mater franchisees

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Master and Area Developer Industry Description


Master and area developer franchises put you in charge of selling, opening and managing franchises in a set geographical area (like a country, state, region or city).

What would I be doing?

The master or area development franchisee’s job is very different from that of the direct franchisee—rather than run the franchise’s business, the master and area developer’s job is primarily to sell franchises to people and then manage the individual franchisees.

Let’s talk money

These franchises are more expensive but potentially more lucrative than individual franchises. Being in charge of a master franchise require superior sales and management skills. Both master and area developer franchises produce revenue through franchise fees, monthly royalties, supplies and equipment.

What kinds of industries need master franchisees?

Fast food restaurants, real estate agencies, and convenience food stores are three industries that typically employ master franchisees.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Master and area developer franchisees make money through royalties, so the success of their franchisees is paramount. If you’re an incredibly driven entrepreneur and want to have a hand in opening many franchises, being a master and area developer could be the right fit for you!

Featured Franchises

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Honest-1 Auto Care


Honest-1 Auto Care is the country's most trusted family of automotive maintenance and repair centers. Honest-1 developed its brand through superior training and support. Honest-1 franchises have six-figure income potential, and require no industry experience, with extensive training provided.

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Earthwise Pet Supply


EarthWise Pet Supply offers a unique pet store experience where education, nutrition, and atmosphere come together in the perfect combination. EarthWise offers franchise owners strong growth potential, a flexible franchise model, relatively low investment, and unparalleled support.

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SMS Masterminds


As an SMS Masterminds licensee, you'll receive an exclusive market in which to sell a state of the art mobile-based loyalty program to local businesses. Replacing traditional punch-card loyalty programs, SMS Masterminds is the next generation of direct marketing.

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SuperGreen Solutions


SuperGreen Solutions is a leading a franchise in commercial energy efficient solutions, making us truly a 'one stop energy efficient solution shop'. We are different because we look at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view, to provide our clients with total solutions.

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Transworld Business Advisors


Being a Transworld Business Advisors is essentially three complementary businesses rolled in one: business brokerage, franchise consulting, and franchise development. They teach you how to succeed in every aspect all three profit centers.

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Top Ten Percent


Top Ten Percent is the best mobile loyalty program of its kind. As a Top Ten Percent franchisee, you will harness the power of mobile marketing to instantly connect consumers to product and service discounts from top-rated businesses at the point of purchase.

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Tru Blue Total House Care


Joining TruBlue means that you’ll be providing a single home maintenance offer that includes maid services, handiwork, and a variety of other household chores. As the Baby Boomers get older, there’s a major demand for versatile home services. Low start-up costs and overhead!

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Anago Cleaning Master


Don't just buy a franchise; be the CEO of your own franchising company! Anago's Master Franchise Model lets you build an empire in your territory, and challenges you in an executive capacity where you are securing contracts and selling your own unit franchises to service those contracts.

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