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A Whole Lot of Change

The oil change industry is $6 billion national market

Oil In

The oil change industry employs nearly 80,000 people

Miles and miles

If the average vehicle is driven 15 thousand miles per year, and that the oil is changed every 5,000 miles, there are 390 million oil changes each year in the US. 

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Oil Change Franchises Industry Description

Oil changes, once traditionally done at home, are now largely entrusted to oil change businesses, many of which focus on speed and convenience, getting customers cars in and out as quickly as possible to minimize disturbance in their days. Some oil change franchises additionally offer other automotive services, such as tire rotation. Mobile oil change franchises are another specialty opportunity within the field, coming to consumers’ homes to provide added convenience rather than having them drive out of their way to an oil change business. Because oil change is a routine maintenance need, the business enjoys particular stability in the market.

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