Seafood Franchises

Nothing Fishy About It

Consumers spend two thirds of their annual expenditures on seafood in restaurants

Shrimp is King

Shrimp is the most popular shellfish

Seafood Diet

Seafood is an $8.3 billion business annually

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Seafood Franchises Industry Description


Seafood franchises are a growing segment of the restaurant franchise industry, composed of restaurants that sell different types of seafood.

Oceanic options

There are two main types of seafood franchises:

  • Generalists, which sell almost anything from the sea.
  • Sushi restaurants, which specialize in the preparation of this Japanese food consisting of vinegar rice, fish, vegetables and other ingredients.

Seafood restaurants often sell non-seafood products as well to accommodate those without a taste for it.

Smooth sailing

Seafood restaurants need a constant supply of fresh fish and shellfish, and working with a franchise is a much easier way to ensure consistent and well-priced ingredients than starting independently.

Nothing fishy about it

  • Consumers spend two-thirds of their annual expenditures on seafood in restaurants.
  • Shrimp is the most popular shellfish.
  • Seafood is an $8.3 billion business annually.

With more people interested in eating healthy, seafood restaurants are an attractive franchise option, and will give you the opportunity to "sea" what kind of business you can do!

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