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On an average day, FedEx handles more than 3.4 million packages daily and UPS 15.8 million

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The US packaging industry is estimated to be worth in excess of $103 billion dollars in annual sales

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70% of revenues in the US packaging industry are generated by franchises

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Shipping Franchises Industry Description

The shipping industry is dominated by large players but there are plenty of ways for shipping franchises to get in on the action. Some shipping franchises operate retail locations where employees pack and ship packages through one of the major carriers. Some shipping franchises offer extremely specialized shipping services, such as shipping for antiques which can have great appeal to a smaller sector of the market. Related, there are moving franchises which essentially ship by ground, either for full scale moves for individual or businesses or for large specialty items. There are millions of packages to be packed and shipped every day, and owning a packing and shipping franchise is a great way to take a chunk of that market in 2014.

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